Sunday, March 29, 2009

Christ Renews His Parish Weekend ...Men

Folks, look forward to many more pissy stories like the one that follows. The more pregnant I get, traditionally, the pissier I get. When I was pregnant with Michael, I (generally a total wus who got bullied all through school) challenged a woman at a Phoenix library to “take it outside” because she used up all her time on her computer while I was waiting and then re-signed on and then had the audacity to get in my face about bringing a 16-month-old child to the CHILDREN’S section of the library.

So here’s a discrepancy for you, and I’m interested in your thoughts and comments. My husband is at this religious men’s weekend at church. It started at 8 a.m. yesterday and ends today at 5 p.m. He stayed the night at the school. I’m taking the kids to Mass by myself today.

So I called the Coordinator before the retreat just to see if Aron would be able to call home Saturday night (last night). I told him even when Aron travels, he never goes a day without talking to the kids or to me. I told him if I knew he’d be calling, I’d stay home since my cell phone is broken. In case you’re wondering why I even called and are saying that’s something you would NEVER do, let me remind you I am a bit ornery, especially when pregnant.

They guy said they can’t have cell phones and can’t call home. I asked why, which I seem to do more and more the longer I homeschool. It’s not like I will die if I don’t talk to him, but isn’t this a churchy thing? Doesn’t the church (especially the, ahem, CATHOLIC church) encourage FAMILY? The guy says, “We’re on GOD’S TIME this weekend.”

I LAUGHED my butt off and said, “Huh. Well, with GOD’S help, Aron and I have made FIVE kids. You’d think GOD would encourage him talking to his wife and kids daily, especially with the divorce rate these days!” So they can’t take 5 minutes out of 33 HOURS to say hi to their kids? Weird.

When Aron put the boys to bed Friday night they were upset that he couldn’t call us and that he wouldn’t be going to church with us today. I’m thinking my husband doesn’t even NEED this weekend since, to me and the kids, he’s the perfect father and husband anyway.

So yesterday morning 10 minutes before he’s even supposed to be there, they CALL our house to make sure he’s coming, which annoyed Aron. I told him to please not come back with a chip in his skin acting like a Stepford Husband. I also told him not to drink the Koolaid they may provide.

I hope I’m not spoiling anything for anyone who goes on a future weekend like this, but my friend who saw her husband off at the school for the weekend said all the guys’ luggage had been packed in a van. Huh? If they are sleeping at the school, why is their luggage all in a van?

The snow and ice were coming down crazy yesterday and I’m sure Aron was worried about our power going out and us freezing to death. We were prepared and made a fire just in case and had candles all ready to go.

Why are church-y events sometimes so disruptive to family life? My friend’s husband says, “God always comes first.” I agree. Without God, I would have and be nothing. But I think there’s something to be said for mothers and fathers making children and then BEING THERE for them most of the time and not being made to feel like heathens for not being in a Bible study or going on a religious weekend when the ma and pa are in the baby-raising phase (and happen to be having a bunch of kids, by the way).

Oh, and I'm betting it's like Marriage Encounter where they make it a big secret and you can't tell ANYBODY about your "special" weekend, which just freaks me out. I'm a Gemini and have to know stuff, not to mention we don't keep secrets from each other. I bet they tell the guys "don't tell other guys cuz it'll ruin the surprise and don't tell your wife in case she ever goes on the women's weekend." Forget THAT!


  1. Since I am the first comment I may be saying something that put me all by myself. God does come first but a Church weekend away from home for men is not God. God is a Spirit who lives in our hearts as we are filled by His Spirit and the God I love and serve wants men to love and honor their families and call home and make sure everything is alright.

    Roberta Anne

  2. I agree with Roberta Anne to a point. I DO think it is good for men to get together and grow more in Christ through great fellowship. should never be out of "guilt" and never at the expense of the family. Your husband not being able to call you did NOT glorify God at all. God gave you your husband to be a protector and provider, to be the head and lead. How is he suppose to do that if he can't get a hold of you.
    My second thought is that this man you talked to is an idiot. This is a weekend of God time, not the military! For goodness sake he needs a massive dose of "Get a Stinkin' Grip!"

  3. Yet ANOTHER reason why I am a FORMER Catholic. Hope you kept power, I know Mom lost hers!

  4. i always call it a "non-practicing" Catholic...because it seems I'll always be Catholic....

    i did had to giggle at your dilemma. I'm an old mom, and an old married woman...When the sarge has a weekend event going on?? i pack the bags the week before and say

    GO! GO! GO have a good time!! and then relish every second i have to myself. Don't get me wrong...i love this man to pieces, i just cherish my alone time, also...even if i am sharing it with kids and grandkids!

    hang in there mama, this too shall pass...and Congrats on Samwich!!

    we called miss molly...'woops' her nearest sib was 13 years old

    yep...once a Catholic..always a Catholic!


  5. Wow being pregnant with a toddler is a real workout. I have like 79 ehows. They do ok. I eill check yours out. Good luck with the pregnancy and congradulations.

  6. I think you should copy the blog and comments and send it to the guy (Mr. Control) at the church.

  7. DANG! That new photo of you in the white shirt is HOT! WOWEEEEEE! Be still my beating heart!
    btw, Thank you for getting rid of the ehow crap.

  8. Yeah, that is completely weird he couldn't call home....hmmmm....smells fishy to me....

  9. well that would have pissed me off hello father with kids what if there was an emergency or something, they shouldnt take the cell phones away.i mean everyone has one now

  10. We're not really religious and my husband is on the antisocial side, so I just can not imagine this scenario. Isn't every minute of every day God's time? I realize people need a break, but this seems silly. I hope he has a good time, I don't know if my husband and I could manage secrecy either, that doesn't sound very Godly.

  11. Tell Aron I'll drink his kool-aid if he smuggles it home with him.

  12. Your story validates, yet again, how religion gets in the way of authentic experience with Source (God). Religion is a human invention that serves only the ego. One cannot think Source into existence or think an experience. Experience of Source ONLY happens HERE and NOW. As soon as thinking begins, one moves out of the world of Source and into the world of mind (ego). Religion is a pacifier for those lost in the world of mind and their own stories. It is fear based and interferes with True Knowing. When will humans wake up to the fact that we are God reflecting God back to God's Self? There is no mediation needed (or possible, for that matter).


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