Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Housewives of Orange County

Sometimes I’m not sure why I watch “The Housewives of Orange County.” I mean, for one thing, most of them are not even housewives. One of them works her ever-living butt off about 23 hours a day selling insurance (and if she keeps treating her husband the way she does, she'll soon be a Divorcee). One sells homes. One season one of the chicks wasn’t even a WIFE. THIS season one chick isn’t even a WIFE.

Wait, I guess this season we have more actual housewives who do what they’re supposed to do: spend money on $2,000 dresses and spoil the crap out of their kids and make sure their teenage daughters are dressed like hookers.

Let’s just call it “The Extremely Annoying Women of Orange County.”

And yes, I’m being judgmental. And no, I’m not jealous. I’ll take my kids over money and jewelry any day. They’re snuggly warm and a hell of a lot more entertaining.


  1. I've never actually watched that show but the commercials for it make me want to throw up. And now after reading your review of it I know I don't ever want to. :P How can anyone act that annoying and self-centered. I guess the saying is true The rich are a whole nuther spieces.

  2. well put! i understand why my husband never wants us to be rich ... you start acting like a moron and not thinking of anyone else!

  3. Hee hee I wouldn't mine being a little rich ;) Just not so much that my brain turns to mush LOL

  4. I don't watch much TV at all, but I have seen previews for that show and it looked like crap-o-rama. No thanks! LOL.

  5. I watch it for the Jerry Springer effect. Their lives suck so badly, it makes mine seem wonderful by comparison.

    At least I'm not THAT shallow, THAT delude, THAT jaded, THAT stuck on trying to look 20-something when I'm near 50. The women are ridiculous. No offense to anyone from there, but Californians (women especially) are a different breed of humans.

  6. It is like a train wreck, I can't look away. Aren't those women just reprehensible!

  7. I caught a bunch of repeats last summer when I was up late with the babe-I agree with ALL that you said! What I don't understand is WHY on earth these shows are even out there!!! Why not film us REAL housewifes who care for our little ones all day, cart them to activities, and TRY to keep a clean house and food on the table, not to mention LIKE our husbands. Personally I find that much more interesting than rich women buying $2000 dresses! Then again, I own two pairs of jeans! LOL



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