Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas Week Revisited … Day Seven

I’m spent, but there’s church to go to and laundry and diapers to wash and dishes that have piled up and a layer of crumbs and God-knows-what on every carpeted surface (especially in the kitchen) and a budget to update and writing that’s calling my name and a dining room table covered in crafty-type toys, like:

Martian Matter

Pixos Super Studio (which Santa spent $30 on and it turns out Michael loves the cheapo Perler beads better!!!

Wooden treasure chests to paint

Wooden Jeeps to paint and assemble

Stained glass kits

Color with Markers shading book and pens

And Callie’s favorite thing: her Hannah Montana guitar from Tutu and Dave.

See ya next Christmas!

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  1. Sorry it has been forver since I commented but we have had a house of sickies!

    I love the crafty toys-our kids got a bunch of those too-even the treasure chests. Can you believe my son would not paint it, he wanted to use markers!

    Anyway, it was fun reading about your Christmas week-busy! Talk soon!



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