Saturday, December 13, 2008

Denim Jumper Apology

I realize it was mean of me to call certain homeschoolers “denim jumper wearers.” Nobody jumped my case; I just started thinking about what I wear around the house … and out of it. So here’s a chance for the Jumper Wearers to make fun of ME.

First of all, I couldn’t wear a jumper even if I wanted to (so maybe I’m just jealous). Picture me trying to hoist the jumper up to my chest to try to breastfeed. I haven’t worn a dress in about 7 years. Wait, there was that ONE nursing dress. But seeing as how I hate to shop, I won’t be heading out to buy a nursing jumper anytime soon.

Second, I’m distantly related to the Jumper Wearer because I wear a long skirt a lot when my sweatpants are dirty or when I’m going to church.

Third, I just fit back into my largest pair of jeans (yep, one YEAR postpartum), which means I’ve been wearing sweats for quite a while almost EVERYWHERE I GO. Thank the Lord for summer and shorts!

Finally, I just found a long-sleeved shirt at Target that I like and bought FOUR of them in different colors. How is THAT for lazy shopping?! And if they’d had my size in ALL the colors, I would’ve bought about 8 of the darn things.

So, go ahead and comment away about my lack of style and shopping sense. I can take it.


  1. OOOH NOOO The very thought of a denim jumper causes me to have convulsions. I know you hate shopping, but I would just about give my right hand to take you shopping!!! Let me know when you are ready and I will get you looking hot girl!!

  2. aron sez i'm pretty hot already, but i beg to differ. let me drop a couple lbs. and we can head on out ... first stop: macy's?


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