Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Disappointment for Kids 101

The 4th of this month was Oktoberfest for the Young Gardeners Club at a local nursery. The postcard I got said there would be a petting zoo, face painting, straw bale maze, arts and crafts, treats and a free pie pumpkin. There was no time on the postcard, so I looked up the phone number and called. The kid told me it was going on from 9-6.

So it’s 4:45 and we are ready to go, sortof. Aron and the kids walked a little friend back to his house and were coming “right back.” About 5 p.m. the baby and I had been waiting in the car for a while and I was stewing. I drove over to get my man and kids and was not so nice to my man when I saw the neighbor guy and him holding FISHING RODS and chit-chatting. And they say WOMEN are bad!

So we race to the nursery, having ourselves a good fight on the way. Not so much fighting as me hopping my guy’s a**. And I am aware there are those of you out there who don’t have a clue what Aron is doing with a shrew like ME, but keep that opinion to yourselves, thank ya!

The parking lot is dead, and I have a sinking feeling. We piled into the nursery and came upon an Ed Harris-looking guy. He said all festivities were over by 5. I told him my gripes about the kid telling me the wrong time, no time on the postcard, how disappointed we were, etc. He just kept saying “sorry” over and over. I said, “Okay, so you’re sorry. But are you going to listen and take my suggestions for next year?!”

Like thieves in the night, we grabbed our free pie pumpkins and watched the petting zoo drive away. Eva was fussy; I had woken her from a nap so she could sit in a rolling container of negative energy. Poor kid.

I told Aron the nursery debacle was a waste of a good fight between him and I (or is it he and I or him and me?).

The kids cared less than I did – I wanted to cry, but they were cool with going to the park instead, where Michael fell off a swing and bloodied his lip.

Thanks for listening; I feel better. Lesson learned: before going to an activity, call the place beforehand about SEVEN times to make sure all information jives.


  1. Dang that SUUUUUUUCKS. I would have been PISSED too. Just think, it was probably a kid JUST LIKE TY working there that told you that. That is probably why TY got "laid off"!!! ha!
    Life really sucks sometimes especially when you have plans for your kiddies to have a fun afternoon. Did the guy give you the pumpkins or did you steal them? I am referring to your "thieves in the night" comment. :)
    I can relate-remember my climbing the fence incident at the Dagg Park pool ? HA!!!!!

  2. no, i asked first if we could take our little punkins. i just wanted to seem cool, like i stole them and huffed off. but i am an honest person, darn it.

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