Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Money Story

Update 11/5/18 and this is our pool, pond, 8 acres and there's a house that came with it that we never could have imagined living in. God is good.

I get so excited when my husband plugs his travel figures (expenses, overtime) into my Excel spreadsheet.

I love December because I get to set up my household budget Excel worksheets for the coming year.

Who needs the Internet on their computer to have fun?

I was married for a few years when I was younger. The guy was not only physically abusive, but he was financially abusive. We wrote hot checks, finagled free food, made $10 payments on thousand-dollar credit cards, took out payday loans. Then there was the shoplifting. And the money we owed the IRS.

Anyway, after our divorce it took me some time to get my financial act back together. I say “back” because, before I met him, I had a nice savings account and a checking account with money to burn. I could pay for community college all by myself, and my car insurance, too. I had bought two (cheap) cars before I turned 19.

So imagine my excitement when I met a shaggy guy named Aron in July of 1995 who said he was about to graduate with a degree in Electronics Engineering. I’m no gold digger, but I knew security and stability when I saw it. It didn’t hurt that he was working his way through college as a cook (the only thing better would’ve been a pastry chef job)!!!

There’s something so hot about a man who has the sense to buy a house based on only one income, thinking ahead to a future family with a woman who has always wanted to stay home with her 500 babies.

While we’re far from being rich (and don’t even aspire to that), we have everything we need for now and for the future. A place to live, cars to drive, a way to educate our kids, vacations, a library within walking distance, a camera, no debt, family, friends, Excel spreadsheets and chocolate. And each other.


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