Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Organizing ... Revisited (Space Bags!)

Today (8-11-08) I ordered some Space Bags over the phone (versus dragging 5 kids to Target). That darn converter box with its new channels!!! One of the Channel 50s has these awesome product commercials. I’m not usually one to order from the TV, but even those pancake puffs have us all salivating!

I can’t wait to put tubs of kid clothes in Space Bags and suck the air right outta those things with my vacuum! And put all my maternity clothes in one of the hanging bags and watch it shrink! It’s like Shrinky Dinks for clothes! Oh, the crap I will shrink and cram in my cedar chest! And our hall closet … I am getting giddy thinking about shrinking all those coats and jackets at the start of each summer! I think the fine print on the commercial even said the Space Bags will somehow make me thin and rich.

Update: The paper trail in my home is getting smaller, despite my procrastinating.

And we plan to have a mini garage sale/Kool-aid stand this Thursday and Friday since we live by a school and school starts Thursday. It’s mostly books, videos and clothes, but what doesn’t sell I’m donating or taking to Half Price Books.

I’m already a more patient mom with less to clean and organize, and I have obviously found time to write.

Expecting in the mail: homeschool curriculum, our repaired digital camera, and SPACE BAGS!!!!!!!!!!!