Thursday, July 17, 2008

Avondale, Arizona

Life in Avondale, Arizona is nice. We are eating a little too well at the hotel (blueberry scones!)! Today the kids and I missed b-fast by sleeping in like the slackers we are, but made up for it at the Hawaiian BBQ joint, where we met A. and his wastewater work crew.

A. and the kids just went to play mini golf but got chased away by a wicked wind storm. It actually rained here and got to a chilly 90 degrees. I need a sweater!

The trip here was better than I hoped for, and we got in to Amarillo Saturday night with enough time to swim! We are heading to San Diego tomorrow after A. gets out of work early ... SeaWorld! We are true glutons for punishment, but we're always up for an adventure (the 22 hours in the car plus breaks was just not enough for us. I spent much time in the back of the van with my body contorted over the carseat so E. could nurse rather than cry ... ah, the martyr that I am ... thank goodness for mickey d's mochas!!!). Next we plan to backpack through Europe with 4 kids plus 4 orphans we are adopting a la Brangelina. No nanny, even!

Ok, enough sarcasm. For fun this week we did the library, Old Spaghetti Factory, grocery store and a chocolate candy factory tour (like the I Love Lucy episode!!!) and lots of pool time and loafing and reading and watching TV.


  1. dear martyr
    you said you were working all day

  2. look, buddy, if you don't think caring for your kids all day is work, we need to head for Divorce Court.


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