Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Kerrie Show Begins

Attached Travel Widow means I have "practiced" Attachment Parenting on my 4 kids for over 7 years total and that my husband travels on business (or works crazy hours).

The Kerrie Show means that the parenting is my show when my husband is gone. Also, I am an only child (and only grandchild for 10 years), and always wanted attention. My parents started calling it "The Kerrie Show" when I would show off for attention.

So I am Kerrie, age 37. I am a paranoid-type person, so I will simply give my family initials. J is my 7-year-old son; M is my 5-year-old son; C is my 3-year-old daughter; E is my 7-month-old daughter; A is my 42-year-old husband.

We don't have Internet access at home (don't ask!!), so numerous blog entries will show up under the same date sometimes. Don't freak out!!!!!!

I am starting this blog because there seem to be many travel or work widows and even more who attachment parent. Both can be very lonely.


  1. well, "steve", if that is your real name ... with my name the acronym is MAJECK ... yes, like MAGIC. it was totally planned. not.

  2. yeah, i think a MALE was wanted by my amazing and fabulous parents. i seem to remember something about a softball flying toward my face ... or was it just a bad dream?!

  3. why don't you have internet access at home. is your husband oppressing you


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