Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Kerrie Show Begins

Attached Travel Widow means I have "practiced" Attachment Parenting on my 4 kids for over 7 years total and that my husband travels on business (or works crazy hours).

The Kerrie Show means that the parenting is my show when my husband is gone. Also, I am an only child (and only grandchild for 10 years), and always wanted attention. My parents started calling it "The Kerrie Show" when I would show off for attention.

So I am Kerrie, age 37. I am a paranoid-type person, so I will simply give my family initials. J is my 7-year-old son; M is my 5-year-old son; C is my 3-year-old daughter; E is my 7-month-old daughter; A is my 42-year-old husband.

We don't have Internet access at home (don't ask!!), so numerous blog entries will show up under the same date sometimes. Don't freak out!!!!!!

I am starting this blog because there seem to be many travel or work widows and even more who attachment parent. Both can be very lonely.