Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Mac Family Update Part Two (Homeschooling)


Nope, not tired of homeschooling yet, and the kids still love it, too. Joel’s doing his multiplication, cursive, English, history and more plus earning his Scouts religious emblem, helping out at Harvester’s, and earning badges, pins and loops for Scouts in things like Swimming, Traveler, Fitness, Forester, Good Manners, Fishing, Reading and Writing, and Gymnastics. He’s crazy about Black Beauty right now (TV show on DVD and the book).

Michael is always making something out of all sorts of materials and comes up with games and puzzles of his own. He’s reading Flat Stanley and getting ready for his First Communion in May.

Callie is doing typical kindergarten stuff at a slow pace, which is how we like to take things sometimes. She’s doing great with her numbers and I read to her all the time. She writes letters all the time and is starting to see how they go together to make words. Sometimes she’ll read a word out of the blue and freak me out!

Eva and Sam putter around and make messes while we do school.

Homeschooling also includes things like days at the zoo, Lego Robotics for Michael, gymnastics for the boys, Religious Ed class for the boys, trips to the grocery store, and magazine deliveries. We’re big on life skills learning around here. They do their chores, and learn how to cook (who learns how to make a chocolate raspberry torte with their dad at SCHOOL?). Sure, homeschooling isn’t for everyone, but it seems to somehow be God’s perfect plan for us so far. Working on an ebook about homeschooling, so ask me any questions you like!

Next update: Writing

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Mac Family Update Part One (The Kids)


This is why you haven’t heard from me in a while. I’m hardly ever online because we’re either homeschooling or running around or hanging with friends/family or … maintaining the every-messy household.

Joel is Mr. Social like always and loves hanging out with all his friends. He rides his bike all over the place. Michael has been doing great with his OCD … he has therapy once a week and hasn’t had a bad day in a few weeks, thank God. Callie has been sleeping in her newly remodeled bedroom the last few nights like a big girl. Eva is into everything all the time and I would need a full-time housekeeper to keep up with her messes. She’s also potty training. Sam is following in her footsteps and is running all over the house with his little temper and huge smile. He loves to say Mom and Up.

Somebody at church the other day saw Sam running around and said to me, “You don’t have any babies anymore.” I smiled sweetly and thought, “Shut up, Lady! Don’t remind me that my FIFTH child is growing away from me every single day!”
Bloggy shout-out to Kay from church for the AWESOME Halloween sugar cookies! If you saw me walking home from church that day it was because I partook of many, many of the cookies and needed to get rid of some calories!

And please write me in the Comments section so I know what YOU have been up to. If you have a blog, shamelessly plug it with a link so I can come see you in CyberWorld!

Oh, crap, gotta go. Sam just got into the wax paper, foil and Saran Wrap drawer and I’m sure you can imagine the rest.

Next update: Homeschooling


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