Thursday, May 31, 2018

Best Summer Swim Mask/Goggles

Sometimes I find a product that impresses me and I have to share it!

My 8-year-old son Samuel just broke his fabulous "goggles" ... they aren't really goggles, though. It's more like a diving mask that also covers his nose. It stinks because we just opened our country swimming pool a few weeks ago and he really uses the heck out of those things.

My husband may or may not kill me for posting this! This was taken Mother's Day weekend and he had just opened the pool Friday night. Joel and I were at Callie's CYT production this evening when they were swimming. Sam loves his "goggles" :-)
So I went online to try to figure out when and where I bought that exact mask because it held up so well when everything before it broke too easily. I mean, this thing lasted at least through most of last summer and then 2 weeks in Florida in October then a few weeks here at our house pool.

I couldn't find this product when I searched my Amazon orders, so I went to the search bar and typed in "dive mask." Algorithms and computers are a beautiful thing sometimes because over on the right of the screen there was the exact mask I bought him once before. I clicked on it.

Turns out I bought it January 2017. Wow. I hadn't gone back far enough in my orders to find that out.

That means this thing lasted all through our INDOOR swim season, all last summer, 2 weeks in Florida in the ocean and at swimming pools and then about 3 weeks here at home before it broke. (the hard plastic broke above the nose, FYI).

So, for just $15.88 and free 2-day delivery (Amazon Prime is the way to go), I got another one. No brainer. Here's the link if you want to get your kid the best dive mask around for the pool this summer! Sam was a fresh 7 when he got it and now he's careening toward 9. The mask is adjustable and would probably fit any kid even into their teens.

*I might get a few cents if you order by clicking on the picture above; just wanted to let you know.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

How to Live Your Best Life

Living your best life means something different for everyone, but it’s something everyone aspires to achieve. There is not a single person that willingly chooses to spend their days sad and angry at the world. The idea of obtaining happiness and what that means has been sought for centuries. As times change and you age, living your best life will include different thought processes. In college, your ideal life could have been going to the latest parties and travel. In your thirties, your best life may revolve around spending time with your family, instead. No matter how old you are now, here are a few tips to follow in order to live your best life in the best way possible.

Maintain a positive outlook
Your mindset affects how you look at life. No matter what you are doing, when you look at it through a negative lens, you will not be happy. You can learn to make the best of certain tough situations or you can let them negatively impact you. Although nobody can be happy at all times, it’s best not to build your life around negative emotions. Maintaining a positive outlook may take some practice, but it is achievable.

Are you more of a glass half full or half empty type of person? The way you answer this reflects on whether you look at life via an optimistic versus pessimistic lens. Life is full of ups and downs, and it’s natural for it to be that way. However, you can pass through stress and tough situation by looking at the positive aspects. Instead of seeing an occurrence as a problem, you can think of it as a situation that will pass. Giving yourself a pep talk here and there wouldn’t hurt either. Think happy thoughts! You can’t grow without encountering some difficult scenarios, and no bad situation lasts forever.

Whether you are going on a family vacation in your 30s or embarking on a backpacking trip in your 20s, there is something about travel that makes a lot of people happy. Perhaps you feel a sense of wanderlust or a bubbling excitement for a new experience. The reasons for travel run aplenty, from needing a break from the daily grind, in need of an adventure or perhaps you simply caught the ‘travel bug.’ Traveling makes you a citizen of the world as you absorb a variety of different experiences along the way. Going on vacation is an exciting time for many people, and it’s one of those life moments where people tend to be more carefree. Moments and plans that go wrong while you are away in another city or country teach you to deal with various upsetting situations as they occur. There are many situations not worth getting upset about, and traveling can help you learn to roll with them. Travel changes people’s lives for the better and helps many achieve their best life. Going on vacation or traveling for longer periods of time can broaden your perspective and teach you new life lessons along the way.

Spend time with friends & family
You cannot live your best life without your loved ones. As cliche as it sounds, your friends and family are there for you through the good and the bad times. When you have a stressful day, chances are you will go to either your friends or family to talk about it. It boils down to the fact that spending time with your loved ones can help you be happy. Likewise, spending time with your friends can improve your health and wellbeing. Friends can bring out your positive streak. Plus, there is nothing quite like catching up with a friend while you talk about your dreams and aspirations, albeit, again, cliche. Spending time with people that are themselves, happy individuals is also infectious and can increase your own happiness levels.

Live a health-conscious life
A health-conscious life is one where you maintain your mental and physical wellbeing. In taking care of your health, you are also improving your ability to live longer. The question is, what lifestyle choices do you need to make to live a healthy and long life? There is a long list of factors to consider, but three noteworthy ones are eating the proper food, exercising and sleeping enough. In order to take care of your mind and body, you must eat a balanced and nutritious diet. Failure to do so, and eating excessive junk food or food high in sodium, can lead to numerous health problems such as high blood pressure. You can read more here about the medications required to treat high blood pressure and what they each mean. Why risk your health when you can take the necessary preventative measures?

In addition to a balanced diet, taking care of your mind and body requires daily exercise. If you spend most of your day at work sitting down in front of a computer, you need to incorporate workouts into your daily routine. Whether it’s the first thing in the morning or after work, physical activity will keep your body in shape, maintain your stamina and lower your chances of various health problems later in life. Thirdly, a health-conscious life requires you to get enough sleep. Sleep helps your mind and body rejuvenate for the next day, and it is necessary to sleep 7-9 hours a night to properly focus the next day. A health-conscious life is living your best life, as you cannot enjoy life without taking care of your mental and physical wellbeing. A healthy mind and body are necessary for a happy life.

Living your best life means enjoying life to the fullest while also being mindful of your wellbeing. Spend time with people that make you happy, experience new cultures by traveling and maintain a positive outlook, while also considering the proper exercise, diet and sleep schedule that will maintain your health. A happy and fulfilled life only occurs because of the actions people take to obtain it. Your lifestyle and habits affect your quality of life, as it is seen through your actions, attitude, and values. So, what are you doing to live your best life?

Epic Excuses To Finally Visit Alaska

Alaska is a US state, yet it’s so far away that it almost feels foreign. After all, it did once belong to
Canada. Maybe that’s what makes it intriguing to the rest of the country, the same way Ireland appeals to
the Brits. It’s part of America and also not part of America at the same time.

Although it’s on most people’s bucket list, there are sticking points. For starters, its thousands of miles
away depends on your location and that makes it expensive. Plus, it’s a hassle. Those cons never go
away, but the pros outweigh them enough to book a trip finally. Here are four that will force you to
schedule a family vacation to Alaska as soon as possible.

The Hotels

Okay, Alaska is renowned for its spectacular lodgings even though there are a couple of five-star
establishments. However, it’s not the fine dining and spa treatment that you are looking for. Nope, it’s
the view from the window of the Northern Lights. The SpringHill Suites Fairbanks site promotes the
Aurora Borealis as an attraction, and it isn’t the only one. As long as the hotel is far enough North, then
there’s a fantastic chance to see one of nature’s most incredible sights. And, you can do it from the
comfort of a lounge with a glass of wine in hand.

The Wildlife

Plenty of places in the USA boast excellent wildlife watching opportunities. From the Rockies to the
Great Lakes, there isn’t a shortage of animals to spot. Not to make it a competition, but Alaska does
seem to have a better range than anywhere else in the country. And, that isn’t something other states
should envy because it is one of greatest wildlife hotspots in the world. In the winter, wolves and bison
roam the plains, while grizzlies hunt salmon in the spring and summer.

The Peace And Quiet

Twice the size of Texas, Alaska is easily the biggest state in the US. In comparison, it only has 700,000
residents, and around 350,000 live in Anchorage. What does this mean? It implies, and rightly so that a
lot of the state is untouched and lives as God intended. Remember that only one-fifth of Alaska is
accessible by car, which means there is raw wilderness everywhere. Hiking and trekking in this part of the
country, then, is an experience that is impossible to recreate anywhere else. There are risks, yet it’s
worth taking if you’re an environmental buff.

The Retail Therapy

Granted, Alaska isn’t known for its shopping opportunities, but it should be because of the price. Retail
values are lower than in mainland US, and there is a bonus of 0% sales tax. Everything you buy is
tax-free and that reduces the cost of a shopping spree by a significant chunk. Okay, the selection of
stores may not be the same as in LA or NYC, but they have establishments such as Nordstrom’s which
sells modern stuff.

There is an excuse on the list that will twist your arm? Are you going to break the mold and visit Alaska
at last?

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

6 Natural Remedies for Sinus Pain Relief

Many people witness the discomforting pressure and pain due to sinus problems in life. This medical disorder is treatable using medicines and surgeries. However, before one tries out such forceful methods of treatment, you should first go for natural ways. You may never know that natural remedies are often more effective in curing sinus pain. These deep pockets within the nose bones are often blocked with mucus, for which natural resources can act as wonders. This post will share some of the tried-and-tested methods for preventing and curing this irritating and congesting pain in your nose. Try these out carefully for the best results.

·         Try flushing your nasal passage
This method may require you to use a spray such a saline solution, which will help you decrease the viscosity of the mucus trapped in the sinus. Once it becomes thin, you can flush it out by blowing your nose from time to time. If this remedy does not work for you, then move to the next one on the list.

·         Try steam
This natural way involves the use of water vapors to make the mucus thinner. You can either use a steamer for this method or opt for a steamy bath. This method will loosen the debris and mucus trapped in your nose and flush it out. To make it more useful, spray some drops of menthol or eucalyptus when showering. You can read more health-related blog posts at Beacon Transcript.

·         Stay hydrated
Clogged mucus in the nasal passage may also occur due to dehydration. Remember, you need to maintain a moist sinus, for which you have to drink fluids as often as possible. The consumption of fluids is not the same for every individual. Thus, you may require it more compared to others. A way to check whether you are hydrated or not is by checking your urine’s color. If it is clear, then you are properly hydrated.

·         Consume spicy food
You may have felt a runny nose when you consume spicy foods. This technique may also work with your sinus problem. Just consume spicy foods such as wasabi, horseradish, hot peppers, mustard, etc. to help to clear your sinuses. If spicy food is not the right choice for you, then choose some other method.

·         Make your house allergy-proof
If you are allergic to some entity, then you may face more irritation due to your sinus pain. Thus, keeping a check on the environment around you and cleaning it with allergic elements is a prudent way to limit the chances of such nasal discomforts. Learn about what is causing the allergy, and then get rid of it from your premises.

·         Compress the nose area using a warm cloth
This remedy will help warm the nasal passage and your sinuses. Heating them will moisten the tissues and let the mucus flow smoothly. The method works best when you place the warm cloth (preferably a towel) covering your nose and breathing through it. This technique is also similar to the use of a steamer.

Sinus pain problems are preventable if you follow such tips religiously. Just be careful and don't injure yourself while performing some of these methods.

Friday, May 25, 2018

5 Tips for Living a More Positive Life

It's never too late to implement positive changes in your lifestyle. From little changes such as sleeping for the right number of hours to setting a curfew time for your last snack, a positive change is always appreciated by your mind and body. You will feel more at peace once the positive changes are implemented. Sometimes all that's missing from life is a push that will direct towards a positive and meaningful life.

Taking a decision for change in personality and attitude is mandatory and self-regulatory. Positivity reflects through everything including work, personal life and social interactions. Feeling motivated? Here are a few changes to adopt for a positive and sound lifestyle:

1. Sleep Right
As science says, getting sleep for 7-8 hours is absolutely essential. However, it is important that the time period chosen for this sleep is during night. Some people have a tendency to stay awake at night and sleep in the morning. If there's trouble sleeping at night, switch to a better pillow or bedding, this will give you a comfortable night's sleep in no time!

Sleeping is essential for maintaining your thought process and sustaining positivity in your attitude. Sleeping has scientifically proven to lift your mood, keep a healthy routine and maintain a positive attitude throughout the day. It also channels your productivity and maintains it during work hours.

2. Meditate and Exercise
Both meditation and exercise are significant to sustain a positive and healthy lifestyle. Medication helps maintain thought process and think positively. Exercise on the other hand keeps the body fit and active. Taking out half an hour for meditation on a daily basis is key to leading a positive life. Having some personal space is sometimes all a person needs to become a better version of himself. Therefore, investing in self should be a mandatory habit.

Meditation can be as simple as yoga and exercise can be as lenient as a simple walk along the streets. Anything to keep the blood-flow regulated and mood happy can work wonders in the long-run. It's always better to maintain a regular time period suited for both activities and to follow them religiously.

3. Treat Yourself
Whether after a good amount of weight loss or constant work hours, treating yourself is essential. Treats can be in the form of a shopping spree or a sundae, everything a person loves should be a treat! Work hours and daily-life chores consume the normal human lifestyle. Therefore, finding a little time to treat oneself proves helpful in promising a healthier, happier change.

4. Change is Key
Oftentimes, boredom leads to bitterness in the attitude. Maintaining a constantly changing and adventurous lifestyle is key to being positive. Traveling and enjoying a vacation every now and then is one solution. It is proven that the same living conditions not only bore but take out the positivity from the personality.

Redecorating the house, changing a hairdo, experimenting with gardening hobbies, are a few examples to incorporate change in life. Consistently changing lifestyles are proactive, enjoyed and appealing to others as well.

5. Write, Read, Learn!
A person is never at a point where he has acquired all knowledge about anything. Having an attitude to constantly learn and grow is what keeps the person up and running. There is nothing better than having an urge to discover more, learn more and grow oneself. Writing your experiences, reading a new book or learning about a new place; all have a therapeutic effect on the personality.

If you're not a writer, collect poetic verses and quotes you find most appealing. Reading them in your spare time will also have a cathartic impact on your personality.

Fantasy Job: Follow This Guide to Realize Yours

All of us probably have some idea in mind about what would constitute our dream career moving
forward. Now, too many people these days never actually get the chance to pursue or realize their
dream career, and this is a shame. It is important to have dreams and aspirations, but it is even more
important to make sure you come up with a plan to follow these ideals.

It is so much simpler these days to stick to playing it safe and do a job you don’t really enjoy, but that
pays you well. But, you have to ask yourself whether or not this is going to leave your fulfilled, and the
answer is probably no. Working in a career that you enjoy and are passionate about is so important
moving forward, and you need to assess how you can achieve that. This guide is packed full of ideas
to help you secure your fantasy job, and you can start now!

It Starts in Education

For many of us, the idea of our fantasy career first forms at a young age, and this initial interest
usually deepens in education. When you are in school, you will have classes you enjoy more than
others, and it will become clear what your strengths and weaknesses are. This is a good time to start
formulating the essence of what you would like to do in later life. For the most part, it is a sound rule
to ensure you go with your strengths and passions, as these will fuel the fires of success for the future.

Identify What Makes You Tick

Even when you are older and have left education, you still need to think about what makes you tick.
Think about it this way, if you are working a career that interests you, it’s so much easier to give it
your all and remain driven and passionate, even when things get difficult. You need a reason to get
out of bed in the morning, and money alone is often not enough. Identify what makes you tick and try
to make sure you follow careers in these areas - you’ll love what you do so much more as a result.

Research the Industry

Of course, no matter how much you love a job, you should never go in blind; remember, you want to
make an informed career choice. It’s pretty much clear that you’re not going to know as much about a
particular career path as you think you do. So, you have to make sure you do your research and find
out what you can about the industry in question. There might be specific rules or regulations relating
to employment, and it is important that you find out as much as you can about the way things work.
This is something that can really help you understand and define your career path much better.

Find Out About Opportunities

Now, one of the first things you’re going to need to do is to find out about job opportunities in your
area. There might be a lot of opportunities in the city where you live, or there could be none, and this
would mean moving or commuting. But, the first thing to do is take a look at what opportunities are
around because this will give you an idea of what to expect when you are actively pursuing a career
in the industry. There might be many different kinds of opportunities to choose from, and it is important
to know what the industry offers.

Draw Up an Action Plan

You also need to draw up an action plan in order to help you assess how you’re going to pursue and
secure the career you want. A lot of people like to just jump in feet first and make it up as they go,
and this is one option. The problem is, if you do this you lack direction and vision, and it can be difficult
to make the right decisions or plan for the unexpected. However, if you can come up with an action
plan, you should have a much better chance of achieving this moving forward. Write out a plan for how
you are going to secure the job you want, and the steps you’ll need to take.

Make Sure You are Better Qualified

It is also incredibly important to make sure you are as qualified as possible for the career you want.
You need enough experience that you’re going to have the edge over other people who are applying
for the role. Whether it’s an MSW degree, a teaching degree, or the bar, it is important to become as
qualified as possible because this will help you to ensure you have the best possible chance of
successful employment. Being better qualified is so important, and you have every resource available
nowadays to help you with that.

Try it Out First

One of the unfortunate truths of the business world is that your fantasy career might actually be a nightmare
in practice. This is why you have to make sure you try it out to get a feel for it before you actually get
started. Sampling the career you’ve coveted for so long will either show you how much you love it or
will completely change your mind about it moving forward. So, you have to make sure you get a bit of
work experience or try an internship before you actually commit to this as a long-term career path.
‘Try before you buy’ is the best policy to use here, and can save you a lot of heartache in the future.

Learn From Your Rivals

We all have our rivals, and the business world presents a fair few rivals as well. These could be people
who have the job we want or people who are applying for the same role. Now, these people are your
direct competition, but you can learn from them. Observe their strengths and weaknesses, and the
way they do things, and this will help you improve yourself and make you a better business professional.
Your rivals are people you strive to beat, and you can’t beat them unless you understand them.

Talk to as Many People as Possible, and Listen!

You have to make sure you talk to as many people as you can about the career you are interested in,
and find out who is knowledgeable about it. Listen to what people have to say, and learn from them -
be like a sponge, and soak everything up. Go to presentations, talks, interviews, and career fairs.
Speak and listen - learn as much as you can about the process, and the dream job, and use this
information to help you work toward securing it. There are so many chances to learn and improve, and
it’s important to do this.

What is the Work Environment Like?

It is important to assess what the work environment is going to be like where you want to work. Office
politics can go a long way toward defining how great a career is, so you need to make sure you’re in a
good environment. Will you be working from home, or are you going to be going into the office?
Which suits you more? What will the office be like, and how formal is the workplace? These are all
things you have to ask, and consider when it comes to choosing the right career for you moving

Money Matters, But So Does Passion

Money is important in this day and age, of course it is, but you also have to remember how much passion matters.
Combining the two in your decision-making is probably the best way of going about it. For instance,
you should think about how much money you’re going to need on a monthly basis in order to be
comfortable, but also assess how you can follow your passion and still earn. Generally speaking,
if you follow your passions, the money will follow; this is less true the other way around.

Go Easy on Yourself

There’s this misconception that you have to be perfect if you want to secure your fantasy job, and
this is not the case. The best thing to do is make sure you ease up on yourself and stop setting
impossible goals. Perfection is unattainable, but you can get pretty close! Honestly though, remember
that you are a person, and you have your flaws, as everybody does. Stop beating yourself up and
judging yourself too harshly. If you can ease off and relax a little bit more, you will build your
confidence up, and you will be in a better position to realize your dream job.

Hopefully, you will find this guide useful when it comes to trying to realize and secure your fantasy job.
There are so many wonderful career paths we can take these days, but the one we’ve have wanted for
so long will remain the most important to us. So, it’s important to do as much as possible to put
yourself in the driving seat and work toward achieving success.


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