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Slow Cooker Chicken Enchiladas Recipe: One to Eat, One to Share

You will need:
4 lb. chicken thighs
1 can whole kernel corn, drained
28-ounce can diced tomatoes
2 cans cream of chicken soup
2 cans black beans, drained and rinsed
2 cans mild Rotel tomatoes
6-inch corn tortillas (at least 30)
2 c. shredded cheddar cheese

Cook chicken in slow cooker 6-8 hours on low. Reserve broth. Remove skin and bones and chop.

all rolled up

In large bowl, add chicken then stir in corn, beans and tomatoes.
the filling

Roll filling in tortillas and put in baking dishes.

Top with cheese.

To make sauce, mix soup, Rotel (with juice) and 1 c. broth and pour over the whole shebang.

Bake at 350 degrees uncovered for about 30 minutes. Freezes like a dream and this recipe makes two pans so I like to give one to a friend!
the sauce

Originally published September 21, 2012 but I felt like this post needed a second life!!!!

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Give Flowers to Show Love, Respect and Caring

Flowers are usually a part of many special and meaningful events and occasions. They are often included in celebrations and ceremonies for death, birth, and the joining of two people. Depending on the type of flower and the color, their meanings can vary greatly. However, flowers are clearly a timeless and meaningful way to show love, respect, and caring.

The Wedding 
The flowers chosen to be for a wedding ceremony have many different meanings. Lily of the valley is a wedding flower that represents purity. Weddings flowers are symbolic of the sanctity of the joining union of two people. They are used to express this sentiment and play a prevalent part in the wedding ceremony. The bride carries these flowers down the aisle and after the ceremony, releases them into an audience of unmarried women, as if to wish them the same sacred union.

The Funeral 
Flowers at a funeral have a totally different meaning. They express the celebration of a life that has already passed. They also add grace and beauty to a sad occasion. Once again, the lily is a flower that is also used for funerals. It represents the restoration of purity to the deceased individual. The lily represents both majesty and purity, however, the stargazer lily represents sympathy. Depending on the type of ceremony or celebration, the meaning of many of the very same flowers changes to fit the occasion or situation. Florists are well aware of the different meaning that a particular flower may have for an occasion. This is why it's always a good idea to contact a Florist with Flowers that can be used in a wide variety of celebrations and ceremonies.

The flowers given in sickness are given for the express purpose of encouraging a speedy recovery. They are bright and cheerful, yet not highly fragranced. The lack of obtrusive fragrances acts as a way of showing both respect and encouragement toward the sick person. Highly fragranced flowers may be an irritation for someone who is struggling to recover from an illness. This is why get well flowers are often brightly covered to reflect a cheerful sentiment but usually have little or no scent. 

Flowers can convey a myriad of different meanings depending on the occasion, type, and color of the flower. Before you select a flower for a particular celebration or occasion, take a little time to ensure that the flower is appropriate for the ceremony or occasion. The flowers used in a wedding commonly convey love and purity, more often than not. The same flowers can be used in a funeral, but have a different meaning and purpose. Flowers at a funeral add beauty and grace to sensitive and sad moments and also act as a way of celebrating the life of the deceased. Just as get well flowers given to a sick person are given with the express intent to encourage a speedy recovery in a bright and cheerful manner. Flowers can represent many different feelings and intentions and should be given a certain amount of conscious thought as a result.

7 Tips That Will Help You Quit Smoking in 2017 and Boost Your Health

Quitting smoking is never an easy task. Whether we’re talking about cigarettes, tobacco or smoke itself, these are all agents that can easily disturb your health.

Now, most people will try going cold turkey without any previous education. Some of them find a local support group that would provide a necessary comfort. Any way you turn it, smokers are trying various things in order to battle this addiction.

Contrary popular belief, in order to quit smoking you need a structured plan; a good way of dealing with your issue. Of course some of us are able to simply quit through sheer power of will but they are minority.

If you wish to truly deal with this problem once and for all, make sure to check these new free tips and tricks.

1.       It all starts in your head
Like any change, you first need to be prepared for it; to completely embrace it. Majority of people I know do not like smoking and would like to quit. However, that doesn’t mean they will. In most cases this is due to lack of resolution. There is an idea about quitting but these individuals never follow it through.

2.       Visualize life without smokes
Nicotine is really disastrous for our body and we all know that. But most people disregard this because they like the feeling that cigarettes give them. This is only one side of the story. In order to properly approach the issue you should envision a life without smokes, how much healthier and happier you would be, how much money you can save. If you have a positive affirmation it is much easier to quit.

3.       Consider your stress levels
One of the most common reasons why people light a cigarette is stress. Whenever something bad happens in our daily life, we are ready to light it knowing that it will affect our brain and help us go through motions. If cigarettes are a way for you to escape reality and deal with stress, first you need to find something else that can serve as a substitution. Another good solution is to start the quitting process when you’re satisfied with yourself. If everything is going well and you are doing fine, it is much easier to quit as you have more strength to deal with this problem.

4.       Reduce activities that make you smoke
This is somewhat similar to stress. There are a lot of things that go well together with cigarettes such as coffee and beer. In fact, most people find it hard to imagine a life without morning coffee and cigarettes or beer and smokes. Over time, this becomes a part of our behavior without us ever realizing. In order to deal with it make sure to remove all the things that make you smoke from your daily routine.

5.       Try filling your life with some other activities
Oftentimes we smoke due to boredom. We are also more likely to light a cigar if we remember we have a pack of cigarettes in our pocket. In order to prevent such a behavior make sure to remove anything that reminds you of tobacco and smoking. Also, make sure to find some activities that will make your life more fulfilling and will take more of your daily time.

6.       Being physically active
This is important! Smokes and sports should not go together. During and after sport activity your lungs are struggling to catch some fresh air. It becomes increasingly hard to breathe and it is only a matter of time until you need to choose between the two. If you manage to focus on sports and other physical activities, you will slowly stop smoking as it will present a burden to your body.

7.       Try e-cigarettes

There are a lot of substitutions on the market that can help you get over smoking. One of the best ones are electronic cigarettes. They work based on e-juices or vape juices that is like a replacement for smokes. This substance is FDA approved and it is a much better than nicotine. So, even though this is not a perfect solution it still beats smoking. Unlike traditional cigarettes, which are combustible, e-cigarettes are battery-operated. Aside from being rechargeable, you can even choose the wattage depending on your usage requirement. If you are looking for box mods and you are in the German region, some fine recommendations can be found at https://www.ezigarettever test/.

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Cool Old Houses in Kansas City and the Kansas City Museum

Back in 2012, the kids and I went to the Kansas City Museum, which is basically a cool mansion where people used to live, for our Passport to Adventure booklet stamping. After we parked in the back of the museum, we saw THREE cool houses and I had to get a picture of each one. (can't imagine cleaning them, that's for sure!)

The final picture on this post is a picture of a picture of the museum itself back in the good old days. The houses in Kansas City are so cool, in fact, that housing vacancy rates have dropped to an all-time lowDo you have cool old houses in your town?


Become A More Effective Homeschooler Today

If you homeschool your kids, you will already know about some of the distinct benefits that it can bring along with it. Homeschooling has been shown to encourage a much more independent mindset in those children who experience it. It also has a way of helping individuals to develop their own personality in a much more engaging manner. But are you certain that you are homeschooling your children as well as you could? As it turns out, there are a number of steps that you can take if you want to try and become a better homeschooler for your children. You might have tried some of these already, but there might be one or two things which you had never considered. Let’s take a look and see what you can do to improve your child’s homeschool experience today.

Invest A Little More Time

It takes a lot of time every week to ensure that your children are as well educated as they would be at school. You need to make sure that you can provide those hours, otherwise there is little point in homeschooling at all. At the very least, you should think about how many hours of actual education your local school would provide a day, and try to match that. But you don’t need to necessarily stop there. If you want to improve your child’s education even more, then you might want to think about investing a little more time into it. This can be tricky to do, especially if you lead a busy life already, but it also might prove to be one of the best things you ever do for your child. You don’t want to overwork them either, however, so make sure that you find a decent balance between education and play time. Invest a little more time overall, and you are bound to see a marked improvement in your child’s education quickly.

Boost Your Own Education

Something which is always going to be clear is that the level of your own learning is going to make a huge difference to how effectively you can teach your child. The truth is, very often bringing about an improvement in your child’s homeschooling means that you first need to improve your own. There are many ways to do this, and some of them might be things you had never actually considered. Although you might simply choose to learn more about a particular subject, you could also go and receive training specifically geared to improving your ability as a teacher. This could be an online Master of Arts in School Library and Information Technology degree, or just a PGCE type course designed to help you teach. Either way, you can be sure that the more training you have behind you, the more likely it is that you can provide your child with a top education.

Prioritize Socialization

One of the most common arguments levied against homeschooling is that traditional schools offer an opportunity for socialization. Well, this might be true, but all that means is that the homeschooler needs to focus on socialization as a central part of the whole program. In other words, in order to improve your child’s homeschooling, you will need to ensure that you focus on as many different aspects as possible, including what you might consider to be non-educational factors such as socialization. There are many things you can do to prioritize this aspect of their development. It might be getting them involved in clubs, or it could even be courses at an education institution. However you do it, focussing on this with redoubled effort is likely to improve their overall homeschooling experience.

Ask Questions & Listen

A good teacher - and by extension, a good homeschooler - is ultimately one who listen well and asks questions. This is mostly because it is an effective way of discovering how well your child is learning, but it is also to simply keep the conversation alive. You need to keep your child engaged, above all, and this kind of back and forth is the best way to do just that. Ask plenty of questions, and use the answers to determine progress. You can then work out where you need to spend more time, and what might be considered done. Similarly, you should make an effort to listen to your child’s opinions and responses, as this is just as important as any other part of the education. Get this right, and you can be sure that your child is developing as you would hope them to.

Life Lessons to Teach Your Kids Out of the Classroom

Whether your little ones are taught in a traditional school environment, or they are home schooled; there are life lessons that they will need to learn outside of a classroom. Children are extremely perceptive and will become little sponges for information from a very young age. Therefore you can begin to instill various lessons from the get-go. There will be an array of things that are appropriate to teach your kids from when they’re toddlers, up until they’re teenagers and beyond; all humans continue to learn throughout their lives, and as a parent, you have a major responsibility on your shoulders. The following are some areas you might want to consider talking through with your little ones (or older kids) and ensure that they’re on the right path to becoming a well-rounded and educated adult.


Politeness and manners are appreciated by all; therefore, it’s vital that your children get a strong understanding of the importance of their please and thank yous. From an early age; it’s a smart idea to let your kids know how you expect them to behave and ensure that they’re aware of how their actions, and what they say, affect others and the situation they are in. Being consistent is the best way for your teachings to sink in; the more you repeat something, the quicker your kids will pick things up, and they’ll know what to say and do in no time (remember how they’re little sponges).

Role play and reading story books are a great way to introduce and reinforce, the idea of manners to a kid; making a teaching activity fun will ensure that the information and feelings are more likely to stay within your child. When out in social settings; continue to teach and practice what you’ve told them; ask them questions to see what they should do and say, and give them the chance to do it themselves. Always praise great manners; but, don’t berate a young child for not using manners correctly as they’ll only feel less confident to do so in the future. If a situation has not gone how you would've liked regarding your kids and how they acted or what they said; explain why to them and give them the tools to do better next time.

Lead by example; remember that your kids are likely to copy what you do, so ensure that you’re the polite adult that you want your little ones to grow up into. Gentle prompts, encouragement, and positive associations are all methods to keep your kids asking with a “please” and leaving with a “thank you.” It’s always a great idea to talk to your children’s teachers, the parents of your kid’s friends, or anyone else who’s been left in charge of your kids; you’ll get a strong sense of how they behave when they’re not under your supervision. Again, always react with advice and encouragement, over anger, to tell them when they have done something wrong and how to change it.



There are a variety of dangers, and hazardous situations that your child will (unfortunately) have to experience and deal with throughout their lifetime. However, you don’t want to raise someone that constantly lives in fear of the world around them because you’ve scared them with what could (and probably won’t) happen. Therefore, the best way to equip your little ones to handle their future is to ensure they are made aware of danger without too much fear and give them the tools they’ll need to deal with it. By ensuring that your kids will be ready to sort out, or avoid harm in a situation successfully, will give them the confidence to enjoy their life, safe in the knowledge they'll know what to do should any problems arise.

Making sure that smaller children know when to run and fetch an adult, if there’s been an accident or hazardous situation, is a great place to start; let them know that they don’t have to deal with anything alone. As kids get older; it’s worth teaching them how to call for help, and the basics of first aid and CPR; look into the American Heart Association CPR methods to get a sense of the step-by-step guide, which could help your kid save a life. Make sure your children are old enough to learn what to do in a medical emergency, so as not to overwhelm them. Ensure that your kids understand what different medical situations look like; that way they won’t be terrified should one occur in front of them, and even better, they may be able to help.

Again, role play and stories are the perfect method to introduce danger, and negative situation awareness to a child, without scaring them. As long as they understand that it’s a normal part of life; they’ll be able to handle whatever issues come their way with adept skills and confidence. You can start simple lessons like road safety and the danger of household electrics, for example, from an early age. Put the focus on the remaining safe aspect, rather than filling a young mind with scary stories of what the results could be. Word association for tots is an excellent method to keep them away from fire, kettles, and stoves; using vocabulary like “hot” and “ouch”, when your kids experience pain, will stick in their minds. You can then point out the items to stay away from in the family home and use those words that they’ve learned previously.

Image via here


When it comes to your morals as a parent; they can be very personal within your family home. However, there are certain ideals, which are associated with a good person, that will relate to any growing child. For some children; kindness and respect for others come as second nature. However, some little ones will struggle with certain concepts at first, like any human being, so it’s your job to help them see the importance and encourage their beliefs. Teaching values will take time; nothing will sink in straight away, and very often it takes a real-life situation for an idea to really hit home. Therefore, leading by example, as you do with your manners, will help a child to understand dependability, discipline, generosity, compassion, and a variety of other traits that lead to a positive way of life.

As a parent; you can’t expect to be perfect all of the time; therefore, your kids will see you make mistakes in life. Instead of brushing your mistakes under the carpet, or trying to shelter your little ones what you may have said or done; apologize for your behavior and let them know that you understand that it was wrong. Letting your kids know that you’re just as human as they are, but as an adult, you should’ve known better, will teach them accountability and the importance of acknowledging something and apologizing. Check out Aha Parenting tips on ways to raise a child with great values for some inspiration.

To help to reinforce your child’s concept of morals; tell them your personal experiences with them and how they affected the outcome. Explaining things that you’ve been through to your kids is a step up from a story book; it will resonate more deeply in their mind and thoughts of your children, as they trust you and it’s not fiction. Consistency is vital; be the adult that you want your children to grow into, and you’ll help to nurture their development. Help them to process their feelings, and they’ll begin to react in a suitable fashion in all personal and social situations (on the whole; remember they’re kids), and will be a pleasure to be around and a credit to your teachings.

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Perler (Iron) Bead Heroes #SummerKidFun

Check out these awesome super heroes my kids made for me out of Perler (iron-on) beads back in June. They hit up the Internet (ahem, Pinterest) for the patterns and went to town one day! I don't iron clothing, but I feel like I have spent half my life ironing bead creations! It keeps them happy and busy and I always love to see what creative item they have come up with!

Wonder Woman Iron-on Bead Creation

Friday, July 21, 2017

Damp in Basement and Cellars? What to Look Out For

Do You Have Damp in Your Basement or Cellar?

Throughout London and the Home Counties, many homes have basements or cellars which are used something like a garage – to store a few items or maybe house a boiler or a tumble dryer.  They are often considered wasted spaces that are dark, damp and cold and unsuitable for everyday purposes.  
However, if you have a vision of what it could be like or what you would like to use it for, then there are methods of damp-proofing that can be used to make your vision a reality and create valuable additional living space and your favorite room.

Moisture in basements

Whether your property has a basement, cellar or just a vault, they probably face the same problem – damp. Because they are mostly, or completely built underground, they have a far greater risk of damp than standard rooms.  
Damp problems in basements are very common but because the areas may not frequently be used, homeowners rarely think about it or what benefits they have right under their feet.  If you are considering a basement conversion then, without doubt, damp-proofing should be your priority. This should only ever be handled by an experienced damp proofing company and carried out under a long-term guarantee.
There are two main reasons why damp affects walls below ground level – lateral damp which is forced through the wall by pressure and rising-damp from upon the ground, by capillary action.  
In the winter, problems with condensation can occur and if there has been an exceptional amount of rain the water table rises and can cause flooding. Whatever the reason an experienced damp consultant should be instructed, who will recommend the most suitable solution to keep your rooms dry.

How damp occurs

The main type of damp to affect rooms below ground level is called lateral damp penetration. This is caused by ground water being forced through the wall by hydrostatic pressure. The movement of water through the wall can cause enormous damage both internally and structurally and must be controlled as a priority.
Rising-damp occurs when there is not a sound damp proof course at the base of the walls to prevent it. Damp from the ground rises through the pores of the brickwork and masonry, by capillary action and can rise to a height of approximately 1.5 meters. This also must be dealt with, as a separate item, by a qualified damp expert.
All types of damp create similar signs for homeowners to watch for in the basement.  
Large damp patches on the walls, cold to the touch. Decolourization and degrading wall plaster, rotting joinery, musty, damp smells and at the very worst, dry-rot fungus.

Basement Damp proofing

On the positive side, a damp basement doesn’t intend that your plans for additional living space are over because a damp expert such as Tapco HomeDry has several solutions that can solve the problems.  
The process starts with an assessment of exactly what is causing the damp and what method of damp proofing is the most suitable for the problem at your property.
Once the assessment has been carried out it is likely that we will recommend one of the two following options.

A Cavity Drain Membrane (CDM)

This is a high-density Polyethene, studded membrane which is installed to the walls or ceilings using special water-proof fixing plugs. A sump and pump are often installed into the floor before a damp expert installing a larger studded floor membrane. The floor is either screeded or overlaid with treated flooring. Galvanized framing is then installed before dry-lining of the membrane can be plastered directly onto.
This method of damp-proofing is not designed to block the damp but to allow it in and controlled to where we want to take it before being discharged to a place chosen by us.

Structural Damp-Proofing (Tanking)

This method of damp proofing is designed to block the movement of water through the walls.
Following a coat of waterproof rendering, slurry coats of a cementitious tanking system are applied to the walls, floors or ceilings, before further damp proof plastering being carried out.

Top Spanish Cities/Destinations in Spain

Top Spanish cities to visit in Spain

Whether you’re looking for a weekend away or family holiday, a trip to a Spanish city will tick all the boxes. From traditional Spanish culture and sandy beaches to buzzing city life, these top cities will have you wanting to return again and again.


Situated in the Catalonia district of Spain, Barcelona is home to over one million people. Famously known for its architecture, art and football club this city has something for everyone. Here you will find countless bars, restaurants, markets, cafes and nightlife spots, as well as spending at least part of your visit in awe at its astonishing landmarks.
Barcelona is made up of stunning buildings and architectural buildings, with some of the top attractions being the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona Cathedral, La Pedrera, and the Montjuic Magic Fountain, which attracts thousands of tourists every year. The city has lots of museums, but for art lovers, the Picasso museum is a must see, as is the FC Barcelona museum and the Nou Camp experience for sports fans.
Even though Barcelona is a city, it also holds lots of natural beauty including Park Guell and numerous sandy beaches, perfect when the Barcelona weather is at its finest.  


Madrid, the capital city of Spain, is a buzzing city packed full of charm, with a vibrant nightlife and a fascinating culture. Bars, restaurants, cafes and clubs line the streets with fun to be had around every corner. Landmarks cover the city and offer plenty to do. The Royal Palace of Madrid, Templo De Debod and the Real Basilica De San Francisco El Grande are definitely worth a trip while visiting this fabulous city if you’re in search of traditional Spanish culture.
Venues throughout the city offer a variety of events throughout the year, so there’s always something to keep everyone entertained. One of the biggest of these is the home of Real Madrid football club - the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu is a breath-taking venue whether you’re a sports fan or not. Madrid’s land marks and beautifully formed buildings demonstrate the city’s natural beauty, as does the Retiro Park -  another impressive feature in the heart of the city.


Based in the Costa Blanca region, the city of Alicante has lots to do and if you want your holiday to offer an extensive selection of options, then you’ve come to the right city. If you’re searching for a good time Alicante has a wide range of bars, restaurants, casinos nightclubs and entertainment venues and if you’re feeling a little delicate the following morning you can relax on one of its sandy beaches. Playa Del Postiguet and San Juan beach are the favourite amongst tourists and are surrounded by cafes, bars, shops, family friendly activities and a golf club.
Like other Spanish destinations that are rich in culture and history, Alicante combines both modern living and traditional culture beautifully.  One of the highlights of this is the Castle of Santa Barbara, a 9th century Roman remains located 544 feet above sea level. Or perhaps you’d prefer to see Alicante in its natural beauty – if so, a trip to the marina or Guadalest Valle should offer the perfect solution.


Located in Southeast Spain, Murcia is a large city on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Known for its warm temperatures, vineyards and orchards, tourists flock to this great city for a sun filled break, but Murcia has a lot more to offer than just its warm climate. Filled with a plethora of stunning landmarks this city is full of culture. One such example is the Cathedral de Santa Maria - this breath-taking site is must see on any visit.  If culture is what you seek, then Murcia has it all with historical grounds, religious sites and outstanding architectural buildings. If you plan a visit, it’s well worth a trip to the Sanctuary of the Fuensanta - or for art lovers the Museo Salzillo - which displays some of the world’s most beautiful pieces of art and sculpture.

Whichever Spanish city you’re looking to jet to next, with a wealth of opportunity at your fingertips, you’re sure to want to make a city break to Spain a regular event.

July #Swagbucks SWAGO US

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One Third of Premier League Fans Watch Illegally Streamed Matches

A new report from the BBC has shown that more than one third of Premier League fans admit that they have watched illegally streamed matches either online or through unofficial streams.  The poll shows that younger adults are more likely to use these unauthorized products rather than watching through Sky TV or BT Sport.

Growing problem

Around 25% of those surveyed said they often watched matches through special technology including Kodi boxes that allow them to see illegal streams of matches.  Currently, only Sky TV or BT Sport have the license to officially broadcast Premier League matches.  
The Premier League themselves are keen for a crackdown on unofficial ways to watch matches and says that the law will catch up with the pirates and that it also will protect its copyright – the matches and the league itself.

Other figures

Other stats from the poll of 1,000 for 5 Live Daily included:
  • Nearly 50% of fans said they had used an unofficial provider to stream a match at least once
  • One third of those surveys said they did so at least once a month
  • One in five used the unofficial methods to watch a match once a week
  • Many who illegally stream are doing matched betting for football also do when betting on horse racing
Some of the reasons given for using these illegal alternatives included that someone in their friends or family circle was doing it and they just sat and watched.  Others said that they believed that paid sports TV packages weren’t good value for money.  Some cited the quality of the stream as a reason for opting for these methods.
Just under 33% admitted they didn’t know whether it was illegal or not to stream a live Premier League match online while another 33% confirmed that they had always known it was an illegal move.

European judgement

The survey comes after a ruling by the European Court of Justice in April that placed pirated streams in the same legal category as copyright-infringing downloads and means they are illegal to watch.  The move meant that watching these streams is no longer a grey area but according to the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) means it is ‘very black and white’.
The Premier League is also seeking to protect the value of the TV deal it has arranged with Sky TV and BT Sports, who paid a record £5.136 billion for the rights to show matches across three seasons.  Last year saw the biggest drop in Premier League viewing numbers with Sky seeing a 14% drop while BT had a 2% drop in viewer numbers.
Reasons for this could include the relegation of well-supported teams such as Aston Villa and Newcastle United while Sky has also encouraged people to use legitimate alternatives such as Sky Go and Now TV to view matches.


The Premier League announced earlier this year that it was launched its biggest ever anti-piracy crackdown that would be focusing on providers of illegal streams but also on those supplying the equipment.  
A High Court judgement in March meant that the UK’s four biggest internet service providers now have the ability to block access to online servers with the aim of making it harder for pirates.  This means that the pre-loaded boxes that allow pirate broadcasts will be shut down and people found to have them could face being jailed or having to pay high fines.

A spokesman for the Premier League said it will continue to protect its copyright and the ‘legitimate investment’ made by broadcasting partners.  This investment allows clubs to develop and to buy new players as well as to invest in facilities and to help all levels of football around the UK.


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