Monday, October 31, 2016

Staying Fit With A Disability: Everything You Need To Know

There are man disabled people who think that they are unable to stay fit just because of their condition. It is true that there will be certain restrictions on what you can do depending on your disability. However, that isn’t a good enough excuse to give up on fitness altogether! In fact, there are plenty of ways that people with disabilities can stay fit and healthy. And doing so may even help to relieve the symptoms of their condition!

Would you love to start being active? Maybe you want to improve your overall health and fitness? Whatever the reason why you want to get started, here are some tips that can help you work out with our condition.

Use Workout DVDs

If you find it difficult to leave the house, you can always use fitness DVDs to help you stay fit. These can be especially useful for those who use a wheelchair as many DVDs have plenty of seated exercises. These types of exercises focus on arm strength which can be very useful if you always use your arms to get about in our wheelchair. Some standing exercises can be adapted so that you can do versions of them using a mobility aid. You will even be able to find some DVDs that are specifically tailored to those with limited mobility. Not too sure which DVD is suitable for you? You can look at online reviews, such as piyo workout reviews. Hopefully, these customer reviews will help you decide.

Group Exercise Classes

Many people know all about the different classes that many gyms host for their members. However, not too many of these will be suitable for those with a long-term health condition or disability. But that shouldn’t put you off trying to seek out fitness classes that are aimed at people with disabilities. You just need to look elsewhere! Many of these specialist classes are held in community centres and sports centres. If your condition means you are unable to work, you might not want to spend too much money on these fitness classes. Thankfully, there are many charities that offer grants to the disabled.

Keep Fit In Front Of The TV

Lots of people enjoy watching TV on an evening. This may not be the most healthiest pastime, but there is a way you can get fit while doing it! All you need to do is grab a couple of tins of beans and use them as weights. You can also use full bottles of water for this as well. There are lots of arm exercises you should do while holding these tins or bottles. I’m sure you will be able to find one that you can do. If you want to, you can always purchase some proper weights.

Fitness Games

There are also some fitness games that can be adapted so that people with certain health conditions and disabilities can use them. Most famous game consoles offer these kinds of games. For instance, the Nintendo Wii console has a number of games that focus on the player’s fitness and helps them to get fit. Even if you are restricted to a wheelchair, you will still be able to focus on the exercises that work your arms. One great idea is to use these kinds of fitness games as a cardiovascular workout. Once you are done, you can switch the TV on and use your tins of beans to improve your strength!


Yoga is a great workout that can help you to meditate and clear your mind of any worries and stresses. But it isn’t just a spiritual and mental workout. It can also help to strengthen the body and help improve its suppleness. As you can understand, there are a lot of people with mild disabilities and long-term health conditions that practice Yoga. This is because it helps to relieve their symptoms. There are many different types of Yoga, though Hatha Yoga is the most practiced in the western world. But you should always try and find a type of Yoga that is best suited to you. Many exercises and poses can be altered so that they can be done by those with limited mobility. Generally speaking, most people with a disability will be able to do Yoga. If you are ever in any doubt, speak to the class teacher first and she or he will be able to talk you through the adjustments they can make to accommodate you.

Join A Specialist Team

There are now more and more teams popping up around the country that are aimed at people in wheelchairs. For instance, wheelchair basketball is a very popular sport within the disabled community. But you don’t just have to play basketball. In fact, if you think of a sport, I’m sure you will be able to find a wheelchair team who are playing it! And there are now also lots of individual sports that people who rely on a wheelchair can get involved with. Did you watch this year’s paralympics? Why not take some of your favourite paralympians as inspiration and follow them in their sporting footsteps? Having such heroes to look up to will help keep you motivated, and will allow you to achieve more and meet all your fitness goals!

Remember What Matters

When you are working on your fitness and getting back into sports, you need to remember what matters the most. And that is the taking part, not the winning! So don’t worry if you aren’t the fittest member in your new fitness class. Or if you struggle to complete your workouts when you first begin. What really matters is your own self-improvement. Set yourself achievable goals that you will be able to reach with a little effort. It doesn’t matter if you improve over a long period of time. As long as you are improving and getting fitter; that’s what matters most!

So there is no reason why your disability should hold you back when it comes to fitness. Go out there and achieve your fitness goals!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Is It Time You Started Talking About Depression More?

Most of us don’t have any problem telling friends or work colleagues that we’ve got back pain or a nasty cold. However, when it comes to mental health, we tend to be much more reluctant to be open. There have been major improvements in recent years. But there is still a stigma attached to psychological illnesses. One way to beat this is to encourage people to talk about mental health more. If you struggle with conditions like anxiety, stress or depression, don’t suffer in silence. This guide will provide in-depth information about depression. Hopefully, it will help you to learn more about causes, symptoms and treatment options.

What exactly is depression?
Depression is a poorly understood term. You often hear people saying that life is depressing or joking that they feel depressed today. However, depression is a serious illness. We use the word depression a lot, and this may detract from its true meaning. Being depressed isn’t about watching a sad film and bursting into tears. It’s a state of mind that can be incredibly difficult to shift.

Depression affects people in different ways, and there are varying levels of severity. In the most extreme cases, it can make you feel profoundly low, and even drive you to experience suicidal thoughts. There is an assumption that you can simply shake off depression or just get back to normal. But this isn’t the case. Most people with depression experience symptoms over a prolonged period of time. They often require long-term treatment.

Depression is increasingly prevalent. Figures suggest that depression affects more than 15 million Americans.

The most common causes of depression
There are many different factors that may contribute to depression. Often, life events have a role to play. Loss and bereavement are one of the most common causes of depression. When you lose somebody close to you, you can develop emotions that are so deep that they almost feel like a physical pain. You feel incredibly sad. But you can also become anxious about the future. When you’re feeling low, you’re also more vulnerable. This means that if other things happen, you may not be strong enough to cope. Before you know it, your depression has spiraled, and it’s taken over.

Relationship troubles are another common cause of stress and depression. You may be with somebody you don’t trust, or that doesn’t treat you well. You might spend all your time arguing. Or you may be going through a breakup. When you’ve spent time with somebody and it all comes crashing down, it can be very tough to cope. If you’ve been in an abusive relationship, the scars, both physical and mental, can last for years. If you’re going through divorce, you may be worried about the outcome and scared about facing life alone.

Unemployment can hit you hard, especially if you’ve got bills to pay or you’ve lost your job out of the blue. Getting up for work each day gives you a sense of purpose, and gets you out of the house. If you lose your job, you may lose your pride as well as your monthly salary. Loss of employment can contribute to money worries, another common cause of depression and anxiety. If you’ve got rent or a mortgage to pay or children to feed, not having an income can soon have a devastating impact. If you’re in debt, or you’ve got people chasing you for money, this can also affect your mental wellbeing.

If you do have a job, you may find that work plays a part. Many people suffer from stress as a result of their jobs. Stress is a common risk factor for depression. It can often get out of control, and you may simply feel like you can’t cope anymore. Have you been working long hours? Have you got deadlines approaching? Or have you had troubles with colleagues? If so, this can increase the risk of depression.

Your physical health can also have an impact on your mental health. If you’re ill or you’ve been injured, this can put you at risk of depression. Long-term illness or injury can affect your ability to work and socialize. It may also have consequences for your finances. Depression is particularly common in people with terminal or life-limiting illnesses.

How do you know if you’re depressed?
Many people think that depression constitutes feeling sad for a few days. But this is wrong. Depression is an illness that causes both physical and mental symptoms. Most commonly, it is characterized by prolonged periods of feeling low and lacking motivation. If you’re depressed, your self-esteem may be low, and you may also feel helpless and worthless. Depression is often linked to anxiety, and you may be restless and irritable. Often, depression also affects your ability to sleep. This can result in low energy levels and a lack of concentration. You may also find that you get headaches and your appetite either increases or decreases. Depression can also cause aches and pains. If you’re depressed, you may also shy away from social interaction and become increasingly withdrawn.

We all have days when we feel down. But if you have more down days than you do days when you feel normal or upbeat, seek advice.

What can be done for depression?
There are lots of different treatments and therapies that are recommended for people with depression. Often, getting to the bottom of the cause can be hugely beneficial. When you see a doctor about depression, they will ask you a series of questions. This will enable them to determine the severity of the condition and identify possible causes.

Tackling the root cause
Often, there are steps you can take to tackle depression that don’t involve medical expertise. This is often the case when you have problems, such as money worries, pressure at work or relationship troubles. If you’re going through divorce, seek advice from a family lawyer as soon as possible. A legal team will handle the practicalities and legal processes, and this will take a lot of stress off your shoulders. If you’ve got money worries, try and tackle them head-on. It can be incredibly daunting to be open and honest about debts. But the sooner you try and resolve the situation, the better. If you are in debt, arrange to see a financial adviser. There are paths you can take to try and make life easier. You could consider taking out a debt consolidation loan, for example. If you’re having difficulty at work, speak to your boss. They may be completely unaware that you’ve been finding life tough. You may be able to get help with your workload, take time off, or make changes to your schedule going forward.

If you’re unemployed, there are people and organization out there that can help you to find a new job. Register with recruitment agencies, and upload your CV to job sites. In the meantime, while you’re searching for work, find out about state support. If you lose your job, this can affect your self-confidence and affect your mood. Are you angry? Do you feel like you’re letting people down? If so, it may be worthwhile seeing a therapist. It’s best to try and deal with emotions, rather than bottling them up.

Often, depression can occur following the loss of a loved one. In this case, psychological therapies may be beneficial. Losing somebody you loved is perhaps the most difficult thing you’ll ever go through in life. It’s hard to come to terms with the fact that you’ll never see them again, and you may experience a range of emotions. You’ll feel sad. But you may also feel frustrated and angry. You might also feel lost and lonely. Bereavement can leave a hole, and you may worry about how you’ll fill it. Talking about your feelings can be therapeutic, and counseling is often a very effective treatment. Counselors are trained to listen and provide advice. You can say whatever you want to a counselor, and many people find it easier to be open in this setting than to talk to somebody they know.

Doctors often recommend a combination of therapies to treat depression. This usually includes medication, talking therapies, and self-help tips. Medication can help to reduce anxiety and lift your mood. It can also help to address physical symptoms, such as disturbed sleep patterns. Self-help techniques, such as exercise, often ease symptoms. If you have depression, your doctor will assess your needs and then determine the best course of action.

Depression is a word that gets bandied around in modern society. The reality is that depression is a serious psychological condition. If you have depression, or you know people who struggle with the illness, you should be able to talk about it. The more open we are about depression, the higher the chances people will seek the help they need. If you’re worried about mental health disorders, don’t hesitate to see your doctor. There are effective solutions and treatments out there, and lots of people that are there to support and advise you.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Daily Stress Relief: Calm Your Inner Self With These Strategies

stress-1277561_640 (2).png

Whether you’re suffering from a chronic stress problem or you simply want to reduce it further, daily stress relief is important. You’ll need to work at it, but the potential benefits are plentiful. By calming your inner self, you’ll be able to lead a more fruitful and enjoyable life.

So, let’s make today the first day of your new daily stress relief routine. Give the following strategies a try, and see what works for you.


You’ll find a lot of useful information about meditation in regards to stress relief, and that’s because it’s such a good remedy. There are lots of different types of meditation out there, and you’ll need to find what works for you. Some courses can be provided in-person, while others choose to take advantage of videos and phone apps. Also, companies like Meditative Wisdom can enhance a meditation routine with beads and bracelets if you wish. It’s definitely worth exploring the power of this stress-relieving technique.

Morning Reflection

We live our lives in such a rush, and that’s often why we find ourselves in a position of stress. The best way to ditch this feeling is to simply take some time out to reflect. In the morning, a good strategy might be to take things a little more slowly than normal. Before you switch on the TV or head to the kitchen for breakfast, take a few minutes to sit in bed and relax. Maybe, you listen to some relaxing music? Maybe, you read a passage of a book? Allow your day to begin without the pressures of stress.

Keep A Journal

Some people who wrestle with stressful thoughts find it useful to keep a journal along the way. This can take any form you like, and there’s no pressure to fill it in every day. It serves a few critical avenues of stress therapy. First, it helps to release tension through a fun and creative medium. Also, it can help you to analyze the cause of your stress and look at it from a different point of view. Give it a try.


You’re in the kitchen. You’re making yourself an evening meal, and the phone rings. Now, you’re on the phone to someone while you’re trying to make food. Then, a Facebook notification arrives on your Apple Macbook. A Skype call comes through while you’re navigating this minefield of communication. You’re overwhelmed, and you lose all focus on what you were doing in the first place. Sometimes, it’s OK to disconnect entirely for an evening before you get overly distracted and overly stressed.

Be Kind To Yourself

This is a big one, and it’s the one you might think would come easiest. Actually, being kind to yourself is incredibly difficult if you set high standards. What one person might think is a fantastic achievement, the other might see as a dismal failure. Negative thoughts are a guaranteed stress-maker, and you need to be kinder to your inner self in order to ditch this source of mental strain.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

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Create A Winter Wonderland In Your Home With These Cozy Ideas

Photo from: Pixabay

As fall starts closing in it’s certainly time to think about getting cozy and creating a warming and inviting feel in our home. Roaring fires, super soft wools, the scent of gingerbread and cookie dough and twinkling lights all bring magical elements to the home. And certainly a hint towards Christmas coming soon. And with that feeling in mind, here are some ways to create a winter wonderland feel in your own home.  

Faux Fur And Cashmere

Without renovating your rooms, there are plenty of accessories you can add come fall to create those warm and cozy vibes. Using tactile pieces and adding different textures to your space will instantly make it feel more inviting and snug. Faux fur rugs look wonderful in the bedroom and living room and convey the snugness of an Alpine chalet. Textured velvet throws over arm chairs add a sumptuous winter feel when thrown over chairs. And muted gray cashmere throws are the ultimate in luxe, cozy chic when thrown over the sofa or across your bed.

Photo from: Pixabay   


The warm glow of embers is an instant way to get those winter wonderland vibes in your home. Nothing says fabulous fall is on the way more than a roaring fire does. And a fireplace can become the hub of a cozy living room. However, we are not all lucky enough to have a chimney in our house or a wood burning stove. However, one great round this is to invest in an ethanol fireplace. They look contemporary and chic and can be wall mounted for extra style points. They use bioethanol fire, are simple to install and look ever so stylish. With the flames of a real fire protected behind a sheet of sleek glass, your home will look like a chic boutique style hotel just in time for winter.     

Fairy Lights And Lanterns

Lighting should always be kept soft and inviting. Choose pearl bulbs over clear ones for your side lamps as these emit a soft tone of light. String fairy lights under bookshelves or across mantelpieces for a cozy feel. And for a more contemporary look bundle them together in a tall, sleek glass vase for a focal accessory in the room. Use paper lantern lights as a nod towards the fact that Christmas is coming and stack your candle in threes at various points in each room. Candles look beautiful and inviting in bedrooms and living rooms. But always make sure you are present in each room that you are lighting them in. Create a warm and relaxing ambiance with your lighting and it should feel super wintery in your home.

Photo from: Pexels

Adding In Autumnal Tones

Another quick way to bring fall into your home is to add in some rich autumnal shades. Use pillows, throws, artwork and flowers to bring warm hues into your home. Think lashings of orange, mustards, rusts and rich reds and olive greens. All set the scene for snuggled down on a winter’s night and getting cozy beneath your cashmere throws.

Monday, October 24, 2016

#JohnsonFarms in Kansas City ... Thank You for a Great Halloween Treat, Tutu!

I don't even know how many years we've been going to Johnson Farms. My mom doesn't live far from there so she was the first to tell us about it when my kids were tiny and we've been going for maybe 10 years if I had to guess. I just remember taking very tiny kids there, nursing there, pushing a stroller there (something I don't do anymore, which still feels weird = freeing and yet bittersweet).

This place is a great pumpkin patch and play area for the kids. There is so much to do and my kids are always occupied for hours. We usually try to go on a day when school is in session so we don't have a lot of crowds. This year we went on a NUTSO CRAZY DAY because schools were out on the day I scheduled us to go = a Friday that my husband was off work. Still, by around 3 p.m. most of the crowds take off and we have the place to ourselves.

Thank you, Mom (Tutu), for Halloween money for the kids so they could get into Johnson Farms and also get pumpkin donuts and apple cider slushes. We picked out our own pumpkins (one for you also, Mom!) and even had a late lunch there. The weather could not have been more perfect and we thought of you the whole time! Please enjoy our day in pictures at Johnson Farms!


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