Sunday, January 17, 2016

#TheKerrieShow is Packing Up and Moving to #CatholicHippieMom

The time has come to start a different blog and put The Kerrie Show (mostly) to rest. If you get posts via email so you never miss one (thanks, Mom, Aron, Cathy and Kay!), I'll let you know soon here via an auto email how to sign up over at Catholic Hippie Mom. I promise I'll make it easy on you! If I can sign you up myself so you just have to confirm it, I'll do it!

The Kerrie Show was something I pulled out of thin air in 2008 when I had baby brain from having Eva, my fourth kid of five. We were traveling with my husband in Phoenix and I wanted to start a blog to share our adventures and the name just popped into my head because, as an only child, my parents always said, "It's not The Kerrie Show" ... meaning, I craved attention and laughs, apparently (still do).

The name isn't bad and the blog has been a great thing for me in a lot of ways. But it doesn't really tell who I am by the title. Sounds like I have a TV show or think I'm hot enough stuff to be known by one name or something.

But Catholic Hippie Mom ... now, that is me! I'm all into my religion (Mass, NFP, co-op, teaching religious education, keeping Sunday slow, Confession, the Sacraments for my kids), but there are parts I question (finances and their allocation and other things). I'm a partial hippie from growing up with tough-on-me yet cool parents and from my homeschooling and attachment parenting, among other things. And I'm a mom (thanks to my husband, of course!). Big-time.

I feel like my blog is finally going to have a focus! And for those things that don't fit into that focus area ... well, I'm not blowing up The Kerrie Show or anything. Just moving over some posts and making a whole lot of new ones. Thanks for your support and for being with me on this journey!

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