Thursday, July 16, 2015

Perfectly Posh Products #ChristmasInJuly

Seriously, my mom taught me it's never too early to shop for Christmas! And when you find a great product or company that can take care of most of your shopping needs, you start stocking up on those things!

I have discovered Perfectly Posh. I really wanted to sign up as a rep, especially since they are located in Utah just like Jamberry and Younique, but I figured a third company would be a little bit of overkill for my crazy lifestyle and for my friends and family as well!

So instead I will push my friend's business! I found this company last year when I was doing some sort of direct sales swap. I got these little thin, flavored lip balms that we all love at my  house. Then I got some soaps and lotions for some people for Christmas. Last spring a friend had a Posh party and I got some Impish Eyes eye potion and love it. Recently I got some sunscreen for our faces from my friend Liz and it's just as awesome as the other products. I want to try everything! Here is some cool info about this stuff and some pix of some of their most popular products!

P.S. their packing peanuts are biodegradable! Made of cornstarch or something. When we get them the kids like to put them in the sink and run water on them and watch them melt!

Here is a link to buy ...

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