Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Want to Lose Weight? Don't Deprive Yourself!

Today's #WeightWatchers Weigh-In #12PoundsIn12Weeks Challenge January 27, 2015

Today's tip from me as a veteran of trying to lose weight and knowing how to do it in a healthy way is DON'T DEPRIVE YOURSELF!

No, this does not mean every Hershey Kiss in the bag. It means if you are dying for a Kiss, have a freaking Kiss. Figure out the points for, say, 3 Kisses and take the points and enjoy those Kisses. No, I don't want your Kisses to take up your entire 26 points for the day. I'd like for you to include a veggie or fruit every now and then.

Examples of how I indulge:

  1. My husband made amazing naughty brownies last night. I had a few bites and logged some points online. 
  2. Today is my Monday treat day so I got a 4-point Starbucks grande mocha frap light.
  3. I had the hash brown casserole I made Sunday (made it light) and took the 6 points for the cup because it sounded really good as I shopped for it and as I made it and as it was cooking and as we drove it to a family gathering. I knew I was going to take the points for it and also have a salad and some chicken sandwich. I did not want to be trying to resist it because then I knew I would be standing over the casserole dish later with a spoon, eating double the points I would have and feeling sick later.

Those are ways I take the power away from food. I eat what I want and take the points. 

Weight loss for this week = 0.8 pounds

Total weight loss since January 6 = 5.6 pounds (159.4 to 153.8)

Monday, January 26, 2015

I Used to Hate Mondays #ILoveMondays

I used to hate Mondays so badly. I know my husband doesn't enjoy them! That's because the kids are so awesome and he loves hanging with them over the weekends! I used to hate them when I was working at an office, too!

Now Monday means back to homeschooling, we usually go swimming at the indoor pool, I get a light Starbucks drink treat for myself and cookies for the kids, we get to sleep in after getting up early the day before for church, I get to go to the gym by myself to walk on the treadmill and get some quiet time or TV/music time while I do something good for my body/health. I also love my businesses that I do (Jamberry, Younique, Simply Aroma, editing, writing articles and ebooks), and I'm back to that on Monday morning before the kids start waking up to start learning.

Friday, January 23, 2015

How to Start a Recycling Program For Your Community

How To Start A Recycling Program For Your Community

It’s the New Year and perhaps one of your resolutions was to improve yourself and the world around you. Increasing awareness about landfills and the overuse of resources in your community might make you think about the need for a recycling program, but with such a huge task, where do you even begin? If you are ready to make a difference, here are some tips to help you turn your town into a recycling community.

Get Support from Others

The best place to begin is by assembling a group of people like you who are aware of the need for recycling and believe in making it a reality for your community. Talk to your friends and family, and get some of your local leaders involved as part of your team as well. Many politicians and community organizers will be able to help you meet the right people to put your plan into action, help you with ongoing funding, and assist in navigating government bureaucracies and other hurdles along the way.

Create an Action Plan

There are many different decisions that must be made in order to put a recycling program into action, and it’s best to start out with a plan of action and a timeline for completion. Your plan should include things like:

·         What items can be recycled
·         How recyclables will be collected, and what types of bins to use
·         Negotiating contractors for a recycling hauler to collect items
·         Whether you will collect from businesses and apartments, in addition to single family homes
·         How often the hauler will come to collect recyclables
·         How much it will cost, and whether you will need to charge residents

You may be able to offset some of the costs by coordinating with neighboring communities who either already have a program in place or want to create one.

Study Your Community’s Habits and Needs

One of the most important decisions to make is what you will recycle, and while there are a number of items that can now be recycled, it’s not necessarily a good idea to include every single one of them in your program. To determine what you should be recycling, start by studying the habits of your community members to find out what they are throwing out most—for example, paper, aluminum, cardboard, or plastic.

Once you decide what you will include in the program, be specific with instructions to community members so they recycle the correct items.

Look Beyond Just Recycling Used Items

While recycling is a great way to reuse items instead of throwing them in landfills, another way to reduce waste is to implement programs that discuss and encourage people to use less. Educate people in your community about the importance of reducing overall usage, then recycling the things that are needed as a two-pronged effort of environmental awareness.

Recycling has become a positive force for many communities to reduce costs, lower their carbon footprint, and do something good. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Today's #WeightWatchers Weigh-In #12PoundsIn12Weeks Challenge January 20, 2015

Here's where I posted how I signed up for 12 weeks of Weight Watchers (not my first rodeo with them) and hope to lose 12 pounds in 12 weeks. The first few weeks loss is fast but after that it gets harder to maintain and treats are super tempting sometimes and willpower does fail. I love how I have the extra 49 points per week built in to my plan for times I am dying for a cookie, cake, burger, whatever.

So I set out this morning to weigh in for the 2nd time and knew I could not stay for the meeting because we have our 2nd or 3 homeschool testing days at our house so I had to get home fast. I bought some popped BBQ crisps and some maple brown sugar oatmeal because sometimes having those things that are already counted up points-wise for you and are quick and easy really helps when you are nearing HANGRY (hungry + getting angry because you are so hungry = HANGRY).

And when you are SUPER HUNGRY you tend to eat whatever you can find. That's why I like to keep a little bag of things in my purse and car like almonds already counted into baggies at 5 points per baggie, chips that I know are 2 points per bag, protein bars, 2-point chocolate snack bars, and fruit. Yes, for now I am eating processed foods that are probably not fantastic for me, but they are helping me to get a handle on my food issues and learn about portions and when I am truly hungry. We can talk about going Paleo or something like that once I know what I can deal with realistically.

Photo from playbuzz.com
Weight loss for this week = 2.8 pounds (probably b/c I had 34 activity points from my ActiveLink and also ate very well, making sure to ALWAYS eat all 26 of my points per day even if it was 10 p.m. and I wasn't really hungry. I don't want my body to think I am trying to starve it.)

Total weight loss since January 6 = 4.8 pounds (159.4 to 154.6)

Goals: to walk a half marathon this fall because I have always loved to walk and for my knees to not crack when I do squats or walk down the stairs

Monday, January 19, 2015

Books I Bought Today by Authors Like Gillian Flynn

Let me start by saying THANK YOU, DAD AND NANCY for the Half Price Books gift card with $5 bonus coupon that you gave me for Christmas ... the perfect gift! I also sold a few books I had around the house and got another $1.50 to spend and I came away with about $6 left on my gift card so I will be going back to check for the other 3 books on my list! In case you're wondering about those other 3 books, they are:

  1. The Never List by Koethi Zan
  2. #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso
  3. Hand to Mouth: Living in Bootstrap America by Linda Tirado

I'm on my third Gillian Flynn book and never thought I would like a creepy, twisty, suspenseful genre, but other stuff was leaving me bored, so I was hoping to find more stuff like Gone Girl, Dark Places and Sharp Object. Here is where I found my initial list.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson
Totally wrote this off in the past but have high hopes for it now

Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane

A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick

What Aron sometimes wishes I would be: The Silent Wife by A.S.A. Harrison

Thursday, January 15, 2015

#12Poundsin12Weeks Challenge #WeightWatchers

So I joined Weight Watchers ... again ... last week. I wrote some about it back here on the post called No Excuses Exercise: Matt Ross Community Center in Overland Park #DoItAnyway. My first weigh-in was Tuesday, two days ago. I lost 2 pounds exactly, which is kinda cool because my husband and kids take bets. Eva, our 4th kid, just moved into a room to sleep with her sister and is NOT happy about it. So the person who guesses closest to my weight loss each week gets to Sleep With Mommy and Daddy gets displaced. Anyway, the kids were guessing and Eva had no clue what to guess and I told her to guess 2 and SHE WON!

Note how Daddy guess in OUNCES and Sam guessed in METRIC TONS ... these people I live with are insane
So today I was checking out my new Weight Watchers weigh-in/meeting pass and noticed that, of course, it ends 12 weeks from when I signed up because I signed up for 3 months this first time so I would stick with it and I got a killer deal, too. I was thinking how I could realistically lose 12 pounds in those 12 weeks. I've already lost 2 of them; just need to stick with it.


By tracking my food online so I make sure I am staying within my points range. I get PUH-LENTY of points, don't worry. This is not like a DIET DIET at all. It was easy to fall back into because it's a lifestyle change, not a restrictive diet. I get 26 points in food each day and if I go over, I borrow from my weekly 49 extra, which I can use some of, all of, or none of. If I eat 26 per day plus kill those 49, then I have to rely on my activity points. I wear an activity monitor and it synchronizes with my points online, so I can see it all on my laptop daily.

Also, I can do 12 pounds in 12 weeks by continuing to move. Monday night I went to treadmill at the gym. Tuesday night my entire family walked/ran the track. Last night I swam ferociously and played with my kids at the indoor pool. Today was a break. Tomorrow night is more fun, active pool time. Saturday I'll try to go to the treadmill again. Or walk outside because it's going to be gorgeous! Or take my kids to a park and walk the track there!

Always happy to talk Weight Watchers with you! I have so many great ways I stay on this plan.

I started at 159.4 and am shooting for 147.4 by the end of Marchish weigh-in. I got sick of my knees hurting when I came down 7 stairs in the morning so here we are again!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

No Excuses Exercise: Matt Ross Community Center in Overland Park #DoItAnyway

I have started Weight Watchers once again ... I am entirely powerless over food. The good news is that last year I got somewhat of a handle on it ... I have all the tricks down but not giving in to temptations and stress eating and emotional eating is the problem. Plus I sit a lot for homeschooling and for my at-home work and I don't move as much as I should be moving for a woman in her 40s.

So back in November I also joined our local community center. I mostly joined because the weather was getting super cold and getting outside was not working out most of the time and I know we love to swim ... so I got a 3-month membership, which also includes the exercise room and gymnasium privileges.

Every now and then I would get to the gym alone to treadmill. Sometimes Aron would play in the Explorer Room or pool with the kids while I would treadmill. Sometimes I would play with the kids or go to the pool while he would do the bikes. Last night we tried out the gymnasium for the first time and they had a blast. I was just sitting there reading a book when I realized the walking track goes around the gym ... and I grabbed my music player and earbuds and went walking for about 15 minutes.

The thing is: I was in jeans. I had on a long-sleeved shirt. I had on shoes that were not good for walking. I had not planned on exercising.


I did it anyway. Do it anyway!

This is part of the track that goes 1/10 of a mile around the basketball courts and exercise room

At the top of the pic you can see the windows to the exercise room

This is the exercise room looking out into the pool area. I love to watch my kids on the slide when I'm on the treadmill!
Just part of the Explorer Room ... this pic does not do it justice!


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