Monday, September 8, 2014

Straight Talk about the #Younique Business

Please ... ask me anything on joining Younique as a presenter here in a comment or by emailing me at mommykerrie at yahoo dot com. I am happy to let you know about it. I did Creative Memories once and had to buy so much to stay active that we went into debt on a credit card. That has not happened with Jamberry or Younique at all (or I would not be writing this post because Mr. Kerrie would have throttled me by now).

I don't have a lot of stash laying around unless I want to and am financially able to have it (it’s nice to have sometimes when a friend up the road NEEDS a mascara today!!!!). Big changes to the kit in October so it's up to you to decide when you want to start your new career (20-25% back on each order same day, only have to sell $125 every 90 days, your own pre-paid debit card with commissions). You get paid commission same day you earn it. If you simply can’t sell the $125 in 90 days, you can ask Younique for another 90 days. After that point you would need to get a new kit if you are sure you want to sell it at all!

You can always have your own party going on your free website and once it hits $200 you get $20 in y-cash FREE stuff and one half price item. Rewards go up from there. I just got my $65 Uplift eye serum for FREE from racking up orders in my own little personal parties. Best part? I don't feel like a smarmy salesperson. I feel like me ... telling people I know (and don't know in online parties) about stuff I like.

Room to soar in this company or you can coast. Up to you how you work it. I soared in August and got a nice royalty but right now I am coasting since virtual school started! You know I will be honest with you and real so ask me anything and I will answer you! I would love to have you on my team! You can sign up here or contact me on Facebook or email (above) first.

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