Friday, August 1, 2014

Join #Jamberry in August for Half Price or FREE! (see details)

Sorry, everyone who reads The Kerrie Show, lovingly renamed Kerrie's Chaos ... but it is August 1 and that means big things in my Jamberry and Younique worlds so you shall be inundated with posts today ... yippee! I'm jumping up and down and clapping my hands! I may or may not have just peed my pants a little bit. I'm not telling. Okay, so here's a post about signing up with Jamberry!

Join my team! Now is the best time ever!  With this rebate and a $50 kit credit for doing a party you could sign up for free (see details because you have to complete the first part of your Fast Start)! We will have a blast and I offer great sales incentives throughout your career! Sign up here and I'll contact you to start your training and NEW LIFE!

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