Monday, June 16, 2014

Younique is my SECOND Business: Living My Childhood Dream of SELLING COSMETICS!

My mom is laughing so hard right now. When I was a kid I was obsessed with makeup. LOVED the stuff. Got play makeup and real makeup and spent a lot of time with it.

I used a poison ivy leaf as a powder puff once and it did not end well.

At Great Aunt Eva's house I would sit at her vanity and put on red lipstick and powder and beauty marks with eyeliner.

A distant cousin from California named Lisa came to visit when I was little and I was IN LOVE WITH HER because she had AN ENTIRE CASE OF LIPGLOSSES.

Looking at this picture gets me excited! These don't taste like anything and are not sticky. They are like wearing pretty Chapstick. I can wear pretty much every single color ... and there are 10. And yes, they come in a set if you want all of them! I have used Chanel lip gloss before (it was a gift!) and it was $30. For half that price you can have something that is of the same quality or better. NO ANIMAL TESTING!

Hold on. I'm getting really excited here all over again. 
I have to calm down.

Okay, so I was like Princess of the Blue Eyeshadow when I was a teenager. Tried foundation but hated how it made my skin feel and how it would rub off on people's clothes when I would hug them and melt in the heat and in the pool. So forget that. Blush? Nah. But everything else: I'll take it!

I told my parents I wanted to be a cosmetics seller when I grew up. Then I started wearing less and less makeup, especially once I became a mom and didn't have time or stopped caring. Mascara was about all you would find me in so I could look halfway awake.

Now that my youngest little Kerrie is over the age of 4 and quite independent, I have found myself with a little time on my hands to try to look pretty and to take better care of my skin. I figured if I'm doing that and I'm already running a Jamberry nail wraps business, why not sell the makeup I love as well?

My grandma told my cousin over the weekend that I wanted to be Wonder Woman when I was a kid and it seems like I am trying to live that dream, too! Who knew it would not start until I hit my 40s?! Never too late, people!
This is our hot seller! I have it and love it. It's a 2-part system; no raccoon eyes even after sleeping in it and getting pelted by waterpark contraptions!

Here's the deal. I always have to have an online party going on. But they only each last 10 days. So here is the link to a list of my parties. If you would like to order something, please pick the KERRIE party that should always be there. If you would like to have your OWN PARTY, even better! Just write me on Facebook or at mommykerrie at yahoo dot com. It's all online and everything will be shipped to your guests directly. Free shipping on orders over $100.

THANK YOU for supporting me in my business adventures! (Here's my Jamberry site, here's my Younique site and here is the post about Jewelry in Candles ... nails, makeup and jewelry and good-smelling things!)

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