Friday, October 18, 2013

What Are You Going to Be For Halloween?

Only 13 days until Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Still need Halloween costume ideas? You have to check out this site called TV and Movie Character Costumes. The kids and I had a blast going through the costumes to see what we could find and my kids would love to go as Adventure Time characters since they are all immersed in that show lately. Or maybe Regular Show! I have to admit I also kinda love those shows! Here are some of our favorite costumes!

How about a baby Princess Leia? I'm dying!

I love this site because it's not all about selling you something. They also have ways you can make your own costume, like this homemade Katniss Everdeen.

How about Hawkeye? My girls call him Hot Guy.

Don't forget to check out my ebook about Halloween (in the process of being changed to the title of Fun, Frugal and Green Halloween) ... it's at the thrift store price of 99 cents! You don't need a Kindle and can join in the fun on your PC or laptop!


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