Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Wrap-Up Posts!

Kinda late in posting this, and some of you won't get it until the 1st, but you can just file it away for 2014, peeps! I'm busy today with a homeschool group party then getting our free Krispy Kreme donut then getting some free Mr. Goodcents food. Tonight is ... of course ... trick or treating! Here are some posts for your enjoyment so you can read them tonight as you munch your Snickers bar!

1. Here's how you can Green Your Halloween!

2. Here's how to get my ebook Fun, Frugal and Green Halloween for only 99 cents for the entire year and you don't even need a Kindle!

3. Here is where I discuss Halloween Hecklers.

4. Here's talk of the Halloween parties that were coming up and are now over!

5. Halloween costume guilt, which actually turned into me plunking down cash for a Batman costume for Sam and then he went as a freaking cow anyway!

6. Finally, here's some talk of our free visit to KC Pumpkin Patch. No photos yet, sorry ... having computer issues!

Have a great and safe Halloween!


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