Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Car Rental Woes? Try Zalyn.com!

I love this site. The front page of it says it all by describing what a PITA it is to try to rent a car these days. Heck, it's always been a PITA. I remember doing the travel arrangements for my boss back at StrategicOne a dozen years ago and spending HOURS looking for the perfect deal at the right price. What a waste of precious time!

I'd think I had a good coupon but it wouldn't work. Or I'd have to go back to the start and enter everything all over again. FRUSTRATING!

Enter Zalyn.com. Mr. Kerrie, are you reading this? You need to give this a try for your work travel for sure!

I entered the parameters for renting a convertible for a week in October and it came up with the best deals first: $45.99/day isn't too bad. But then I could also hit up another agency for their 20% of deal and see if it applied to convertibles, which I did. The site is so easy to navigate and so helpful and walks you through every step!

I decided that if I was going to rent a car for a week, the Mustang GT would be the same price as a convertible of any other variety somewhere else, so that would be my pick! Vroom vroom ... Mama can peel out with the best of 'em!

I also love how they have a blog where you can read about topics like:

  1. Renting a car from someone close to you
  2. Taking a lovely fall drive
  3. Renting a car by the hour
  4. Price match guarantees
Plus tons of other great, interesting and varied topics. I mean, I would actually read this!

Here's how to stalk them on Facebook!
Here they are on Twitter!

So there ya go. Just another service I like to provide here at The Kerrie Show: helping you get from Place A to Place B a little bit cheaper. Because we all know transportation means FREEDOM!


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