Thursday, June 13, 2013

Is Your Nanny Safe for Your Child?

Welcome Jack Myers, a terrific guest poster who wanted to write a post for the blog about keeping children safe. Even though I'd rather have a cook or a housekeeper instead of a nanny, I realize not everyone can be me and that everyone needs good information to make informed choices. Here's Jack:

Is Your Nanny Safe for Your Child?
If you knew that your mechanic was recently paroled for being a repeat offender of stealing cars, would you still take your vehicle to him to be worked on? If your sales employee had a warrant out for his or her arrest in another state, wouldn't you like to know? If you knew that the chef recently changed his name from Hannibal Lecter, would you eat at his restaurant? If you hire a nanny without conducting a background check, who knows what pieces of personal history you might be missing.

1. Offensive - Some individuals may believe that a background check into their personal history is offensive. If the record is clean, then why the pretense? Background checks are conducted all the time in a variety of fields, so why should childcare be any less important? In reality, background checks should be more important than credit checks that are completed when you apply at a fast food restaurant. How is your ability to pay bills going to influence how well you flip a burger?

2. Invasive - One of the biggest hang-ups about background checks of any kind is how people attribute them to being invasive. Some feel that there is no reason why an employer has to intrude on the candidate's private life. But how private is that life if they've been arrested on DUI charges? It shouldn't be viewed as an invasion of privacy, but more of a reassurance that the individual isn't going to have the Sheriff knocking on the door to serve a warrant. If they're willing to put their lives out on the Internet with Twitter and Facebook, then why not relax regarding the background check?

3. Reinforcement - Completing background checks has a positive light that some of these candidates may not realize. If they have been truthful in their interviews and applications, then the background check will only reinforce this truth and provide a comfort level within the employer that could nearly guarantee employment. In some cases, employers have been known to base wages depending on experience and they could find something in the check that could make the candidate more valuable.

4. Cost - Sometimes, individuals who hire nannies don't investigate the candidate's background due to costs. However, nearly all of these individuals will have a monthly insurance bill for their vehicles although they've never been in an accident or filed a claim in their life. Is it really so much money that you can't insure the well-being of your child against harm as you do your car? At least with a background check, it's a single payment. Automobile insurance is an ongoing thing whether you use it or not.

5. Time - Background checks are not instantaneous. Depending on how deep the information you want to gather is, it could take several days to a few weeks. Is time really an issue when it comes to the safety of your child and the peace of mind you receive when you see that the candidate is a loving and upstanding citizen? Although you may need the nanny immediately, there is nothing that says you can't hire someone who feels right and still conduct the investigation anyway. Just cross your fingers you get the report before something happens.

When it comes to the safety and security of your child, you shouldn't take chances. It only takes the wrong person a few seconds to ruin the life of your child and yourself. People can become incredible actors if there is something to hide and there should be no embarrassment or resentment from conducting a background check on your prospective nanny. Any nanny would completely understand the need for security within the home. Those who do take offense to the procedure are most likely trying to hide something in their past.

Author Bio:
 Jack Meyers is a regular contributor for As a detective he wants to spread the knowledge of terrible things that can happen when people don’t fully verify the credentials of a caregiver or any employee. He also writes for various law enforcement blogs and sites.
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