Monday, November 5, 2012

Don Tomas Estate Coffee Review

I have had a love affair with coffee since I was a little kid and my great grandma would give me coffee-flavored candy. Then when I was 16 and got my first job at a restaurant, I quickly found that I enjoy coffee with tons of cream and sugar. For me it has never been about the caffeine rush (because I can drink coffee at night and go right to sleep), but about the flavor.

So when Don Tomas asked if I would like to try their coffee, I politely declined.

JUST KIDDING! Of course I did a little funky happy dance before replying to them in a professional manner. Thank goodness they couldn’t see me through email!

When my bag of fresh ground coffee arrived, I took stock of the facts on the bags before brewing my first cup with love:

Medium Signature Roast (varietal: Bourbon and Pacamara

Estate: El Triunfo

Location: Jinotega, Nica.

Lot Name: Chepi

Elevation: 1,100 Meters

From the back of the bag:

“Don Tomas practices sustainable, socially responsible farming, our mission includes building community as well as growing quality coffee. With diligent care, Don Tomas proudly roasts some of the finest shade grown, bio-diverse, gourmet quality Arabica coffee in the world.”

I love me a company that isn’t all about profits and corporate takeovers and greed. A company that takes care of its employees and doesn’t try to exploit them and the fact that they need a job.

Besides all that, of course, is the fact that the coffee tastes amazing. I look forward to brewing it at night when I need a little something just for me, something that’s a treat, something I can snuggle up with while I watch The Real Housewives or read a good book. This coffee is an experience.

Here’s how to find them on Facebook, and if you just can’t wait to order some for yourself or for the coffee lover in your life, you canhead here to order. Enjoy!

Come back in December for my Holiday Gift Guide, where Don Tomas will be giving away some coffee to one lucky winner!



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