Monday, October 29, 2012

I Suck at Halloween (Costumes)

Here’s our family's annual Halloween checklist:

  1. Get pumpkins at a fun pumpkin patch visit
  2. Trunk or treat at church
  3. Homeschool group party
  4. Other homeschool group party
  5. Do pumpkin crafts I got on sale after Halloween last year
  6. Boo at the zoo
  7. Watch Halloween animated stuff on TV
  8. Trick or treating in the scary neighborhood in the scary outdoors
Okay, so I rock Halloween in general but suck at costumes. My mom bought the first few for the kids when they were little at a used kid stuff store and we still have them. Otherwise, costumes consist of hand me downs from a friend. I am bad at being creative with costumes and have never sewn or made one.

I am not that mom.

From now on I will stop beating myself up for not being The Costume Mom and will be proud of myself for being the Halloween Activities Mom. We can't all be the same mom, after all because that would be Uber Boring.

This year for Trunk or Treat the kids foraged through the Halloween tub for costumes. Otherwise, Michael put a white trash bag over Eva and cut head and arm holes out, drew on it and made her a ghost. Joel tapes black spots on a shirt and was a leopard. They helped each other and they got creative and they were resourceful.

What more could a mom ask for? I have prepared them for life just because I suck at Halloween costumes. See, there is a reason for everything!


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