Friday, June 29, 2012

Freaking Friday: Freezer Meals

So my BFF with 5 kids was asking for ideas since she'll be out of the house twice a week at dinnertime and doesn't want her man to have to cook AND keep track of the restless natives.

I said FREEZER MEALS! So Friday on this blog is becoming Freaking Friday for FREEBIES, FRUGALITY, FREEZER MEALS and all the other ideas I can come up with that start with F (clean ideas happily accepted).

So here we go, my go-to freezer meals for when I can get my crap together and actually make an extra meal in advance:

Tater tot casserole (yes, the ebook is coming out sometime this century)

Spaghetti pie


Pizza casserole


And because I'm too lazy to brainstorm more ideas, here's a good blog post with some great ideas also. This chick has gluten free and dairy free and vegetarian and anything you can think of for recipes. Check her out!

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