Saturday, June 30, 2012

Twins (Gemelos)

How cool am I that I know the Spanish word for "twin"? Okay, so, you probably already know that my dear husband is an identical twin. Yes, it's weird sometimes. Yes, I get them mixed up on the phone sometimes. Yes, I am married to the cuter twin. When Aron realized he and Sam had matchy-matchy shirts and could look like little twins, he got them dressed all by hisself and had me take this picture. I miss him so much when he's gone! Okay, they may DRESS alike, but I like to think that Samuel (our 5th child) looks like me. I FINALLY got me a child that looks like me! My mom says Aron and I look like brother and sister anyway (creepy!), so our kids look like both of us, but whatever. I think they should have sewed a little blue/white checked shirt for the baby doll Sam is holding, too, but they must have been feeling lazy that day :-)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thankful Thursday: My Top 3 Beauty Products

Today I'm gonna share my top 3 beauty products with you. That is to say, if my house were on fire and I could only take 3 things from my bathroom, these would be it.

Voluminous mascara ROCKS MY WORLD. If you love my lashes, this is why.

Looks like I'm a L'oreal nut because their day/night Youth Code is great for summer or winter, day or night.

Their Youth Code eye cream is why I look 21 :-)

Most days these 3 things are all I wear out of the house, and I'm good to go!

What are your favorite things?

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Oh, Yeah. I Went There. 50 Shades of Grey

Yes, I finally dove into this gem, Fifty Shades of Grey. Can't resist a banned book, you know. Ordered the second and third books of the series for my mom today. I'm on page 68 right now and feel like I'm just about at the top of the roller coaster and then will be on quite the ride until the book is over. Do like my red devil eyes? If you've read this, let me know what you think.

Updated July 2: now I'm somewhere in the 200s and am still going strong. Interesting read and not for everyone, that's for sure, but it doesn't bug me.

Baby Falls Asleep on Floor Clutching Drumstick

Monday, June 25, 2012

Moshi Monster Monday: Cards

At a recent staff meeting with my kids in the mommyvan, we brainstormed some Moshi Monster Monday ideas for the blog. Today we'll start you out simple with the cards. Other Mondays will find us talking about the figures, the other collectibles, the books, the online game, Moshi Monsters made out of food and/or Legos and more.

Rather than bore you to death with MY explanation of this fun new kid fad (like Pokemon only cuter and much faster to play), head to the Moshi Monsters Wikia for anything you ever wanted to know. It's an online game (we'll talk about that another time), but is also cards and more. Some of my faves are above: Groanas Brothers, Peppy, Honey, Liberty, Cali, Katsuma, Poppet and Hansel, but there are tons more. I also like Broccoli Spears and Dustbin Beaver (can you guess the celebrities?!). I like that Moshi Monsters make a play on all kinds of monster-ish words ... like how they have a Gross-ery Store in the game.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Sizzle Giveaway Hop!!! (June 24-30)

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Attachment Parenting Debate: Mom of Five Weighs In

This picture was taken 2 years ago, and since then I've gotten a lot of new blog readers who may not know exactly what I'm about. Well, I'm about THIS. I'm about attachment parenting. I fell into it accidentally because my husband and I are big babies who couldn't stand to hear our son cry it out in his crib and just wanted some dang sleep. (no judgments from me if you did things differently; you leave my parenting alone and I will leave yours alone)

Okay, so I just wanted some dang sleep. And nursing Joel in bed helped with that a lot (well, after the first month, anyway ... that first month was hell ... getting up every two hours to nurse for an hour while I tried not to fall asleep sitting up). So we kept it up and 5 kids later we are still going strong. Only two kids in the bed now, though, with one who sometimes even leaves!

I love this picture because there's a photo of me off to the left watching over them. Since they are all 3 in the queen bed (Joel and Callie must have already been awake), I can only assume Aron was out of town.

So if you are doing this and feel bad about it or people are giving you crap about it, it's okay! Time will prove that you did your parenting the way you saw fit and that it all worked out. The day my oldest son was born (tomorrow, 11 years ago!), I prayed fervently to God that He would make me the kind of mother HE wanted me to be. Not the kind someone else wanted me to be or the mom society thought I should be. The kind of mother that a Higher Power wanted me to be, knew I could be.

Other forms of parenting work for other people. This one has worked well for us. It's not a parenting competition, trust me. None of that crap matters. It's about the kind of parent you are supposed to be. We are all different people, extremely different sometimes. Why would we all parent the exact same way based on a book or a fad or a TV show or advice from whoever?

Update: I posted this longer version of our attachment-parenting lifestyle here on the blog many years later. It's now mid-2021, and the kids are 11, 13, 16, 18, and 20. Four teenagers who are an actual pleasure to parent, as well as an energetic 11-year-old. I credit attachment parenting!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Is It Okay to Leave Your Kid(s) In the Car???

When I was a kid and too young to stay home alone, I would go along with my parents on errands. Sometimes I would stay in the car, either because it was just easier for my parents or because I preferred to sit in the car and read or listen to music. It never crossed my mind to attempt to drive away. It never crossed my mind that someone might get into the car, hotwire it and then drive us both away, resulting in a carjacking and a kidnapping all in one.

I'm an only child, so it's not like my parents were just too lazy to drag all their kids inside. I wasn't sick or sleeping. I just stayed in the car. It's how things were done, and it was not a big deal. And it wasn't so long ago, even though my kids think I ran with the dinosaurs.

I know so many parents who do this these days, including myself. They are not gone long, they usually park up close to where they are going inside, they didn't know until now that there was even a law about this. One mom went to jail over this in another state. I of course have to include this link about Jake's Law, which is partly why we are all so freaked out. 

Remember my opinions are ILL-FORMED, people, but you know those people who drive their kid to daycare? Oops, I mean, who were supposed to take their kid to daycare and instead drive to work and the kid sits in the car all day and dies? They are not in jail. And I wonder about the people they work with ... I mean, the cops come in seconds flat in a grocery store parking lot, but you often have hundreds of employees walking by a car or looking out their window, and nobody sees that there is a kid asleep in a car, dying or maybe even screaming and crying, over the course of a DAY? Are we paying attention to the wrong things?

Click HERE to go to my pal's blog post about what happened to her, called "Is Leaving Your Kids in the Car a Right?". Check out the part where the cops think it's fine (and there is no law) for kids to watch kids AT HOME for hours but not in a CAR for 5 minutes.

I think if a citizen is that concerned, they could have gone in the store and had a page done or waited by the car for the parent to come back and then let them know it wasn't cool or whatever. But we are all too busy to get to know an entire person or situation and jump to horrible conclusions about parents, especially. It's making me think twice about things I think are "wrong" ... I'm happy to call the cops but not talk to the person directly or handle it another way?

I'm not saying this is right or wrong or good or bad. I am saying I sure as hell won't be doing it anymore now that I know the deal. I still don't feel comfortable leaving them at home, which according to the law is okay since there is no age limit for THAT, so  I will carefully plan my errands and make sure all of my kids understand they will be going inside with me everywhere we go. Joel will be 11 on Sunday, so in the city where I live he can stay in the car by himself. However, we live and drive in a huge metropolitan area, and the laws are different in every single city. I'd better educate myself on those laws. You should, too.

Freaking Frugal Friday: Living Simply With Children: Clothing

We are in massive Garage Sale Mode. We came home from living 5 weeks on the bare minimum clothing-wise and entertainment-wise and found that there is so much we can do without. Just because we have a 1500-square-foot home does not mean we have to FILL IT UP!

I hate having garage sales, but if I have much to get rid of and can do it with a friend and really make some money to go toward, say, a truck payment and our dream of moving out of the city, then let's do it. Every penny ends up counting, I suppose.

Here's what I packed for myself for Wyoming and packed similar for the kids:
1 swimsuit
5 T-shirts
1 jacket
1 pair jeans
1 pair shorts
1 pair boxer shorts for sleeping
1 pair workout pants for sleeping
4 pair socks
4 pair underwear
1 beach towel
1 pair tennis shoes
1 pair flip flops

Obviously I didn't have to schlep a winter coat or boots or total winter garb for all. As far as other stuff, the kids took Pillow Pets and little stuffed animals, Legos, coloring books and crayons, craft supplies, a few books. Callie took her picture of my cousin Cayla and some other stuff in her messenger bag.

A friend of mine does something like has 3 of each clothing item for her kids (except for undies and socks) because she also has 5 kids and the clothes overrun the house. Even with one kid, why would you need 100 outfits for that kid?

Do you have too many clothes? I have fat clothes and skinny clothes and maternity clothes and everything in between but have slowly been weeding things out. Why do we hold on to so many clothes when they just go out of style anyway and are so easily and cheaply acquired at thrift stores and consignment stores and through friends giving us more and sales, etc.?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thankful Thursday: McCormick Italian Herb Seasoning Grinder

You know when you're at a restaurant and the server asks if you'd like fresh cracked pepper on your salad or other dish? I LOVE that! We have a pepper grinder at home that we got for our wedding, and it's gotten a ton of use. We've tried the sea salt grinders but the one from Aldi kept breaking (cheap plastic).

So when Aron found this McCormick Italian Herb Seasoning Grinder at the grocery store in Wyoming, I was excited to use it. Ingredients are: rosemary, black pepper, red pepper, garlic, onion, sea salt, tomato and parsley.

I used it in some store-bought spaghetti sauce and it really jazzed it up and gave it more flavor, kinda like what I'm used to with Aron's home-made spaghetti sauce. I also ground it up in some sauce for lasagna, and it rocked.

There's something about fresh-ground herbs and spices that makes me happy! Did I mention you can set it at  coarse, medium or fine?! Check out their other varieties here!

P.S. Had to add that I just got back from Aldi, where I see they have the knockoff version of all the McCormick spice grinders. I was commenting on how easily the grinders break and another woman there agreed and said she won't buy them there and buys McCormick instead for quality of grinder and spices/herbs!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Charging Me to Give You More Money

This week I find myself in the position of Secretary of Aron. I have to call Avis because of a $150 charge that showed up 2 weeks after he turned in his rental car. I also have to call Budget because of a $101 charge that showed up. Both charges have no explanation, so I have to sleuth out the deal.

Avis has sent me all over the place ... some pretend person named Michelle who won't call me back, and to Claims. The Claims lady and I had a good laugh when she said I did NOT need Claims and I told her the office is smoking crack and she said EXACTLY! We're thinking the charge is a cleaning charge because in Wyoming Aron works on a muddy mountain and often doesn't have time to clean the car inside and out before he returns it. That's fine. What I love is that Avis does not have the software to be able to have the space to enter what the charge is for. An employee actually told me this. So we all have to waste our time tracking this down when they just need a programmer to add more space in their software.

Budget actually made me laugh out loud. They still aren't quite sure, but they think the extra money is because at the last minute we needed the car 2 extra days. They got over $1,000 from Aron's company for almost 5 weeks of renting the car (returned clean!!!), but because he needed it TWO MORE DAYS, they charge an $80 fee OVERSTAY fee. I asked very politely, "You guys are charging us to give you more money?" Yep. You would think they would be happy renting the car out two more days.

What do you think about airlines and car rental companies? I just have to laugh because there is no fighting them.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This Is What 41 Looks Like, Folks

This is what a 41-year-old woman looks like:

Today would be my birthday. I was born in Germany, lived there 6 months, and came to chill in the Kansas City area ever since. I'm a full-blown Gemini, which explains a lot of crap. I'm getting some gray hair in my bangs and decided to stop pulling them out. I use face cream and eye cream and sunscreen. I don't stay out of the sun and do plenty of smiling and some frowning. I have those parentheses between my eyebrows that show up when I scowl. The skin below my eyebrows is sagging. I'm cool with how I look. Not a fan of shots in my face or going under the knife, but if that's how you roll, go for it. We can revisit this topic in 10 years and see where I stand.

When I loaded this picture, Michael said it looks I just said, "I pooted."

Aron and Joel are home from Scout camp today because Joel came home with a little fever and sore throat. What am I doing today? Sleeping in as late as Sam will let me. Writing. Going to the pool. Cooking. Cleaning. Purging junk from the house to prepare for a fall garage sale. Getting a fancy coffee. Enjoying the life I always wanted and got.

What did my husband get for me? Well, besides the gifts that keep on giving (a great marriage and 5 great kids), he got me rockin' new tires in Wyoming. Oh, and he fixed the PCM (power control module) on my van for around $400 instead of the $1,200 they wanted at the dealership in Wyoming. So my man is a gift in and of himself. Got a Scooter's gift card from Mom, homemade potholders from stepmom Nancy and cold, hard cash from Dad. Can't figure out for the life of me what to buy so I'm saving it until I know.

I hope you have a great day on my birthday.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Grandpas Behaving Badly

My dad is a freaking hoot. I had to post these pictures from last night (Father's Day). I loaded up the 4 kids I had in my presence, tossed a lasagna in the mommyvan (ghetto sled) and took them to my dad and stepmom's house. After a lovely dinner Sam had a little fit and threw himself on the floor. My dad also got on the floor to show Sam how it was done. Then Eva joined in the fun! It was awesome!

My stepmom made some awesome brownies and they sang happy birthday to me, something I wasn't expecting since I was there for Father's Day!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

HELL YES, They Went to Scout Camp!!!

Happy Father's Day 2012! I feel HORRIBLE that I don't have a photo of Aron with all his kids to share today. We were kinda busy getting Joel and Aron ready to go to their very first overnight Boy Scout Camp! Yes, Aron told his boss he was going to camp and that he understood it might cost him his job. Looks like he still has a job so far, since he's supposed to leave again the day after he gets back from camp. Stay tuned to all that fun.

So I want to give a shout-out to the best dads ever ... my own father, of course, and my husband. I also have some friends who are amazing fathers, as well, and couldn't name them all. I also happen to think my brothers-in-law are terrific fathers. I'm super-judgmental, as you know, and know some crappy fathers, too, so I don't bestow those honors lightly. Now on to the photos.

Joel before we had to say goodbye. I could tell he was getting a little emotional so I tried to suck up my emotions and just kept talking about how much fun he would have. He's concerned about missing my birthday on Tuesday, and I told him my best gift would be for him to have so much fun that day that he forgets all about me! Of course I'm crying as I write this and will miss them immensely, but it's only for a week and he will learn so much and have a blast. I explained to his Troop that we homeschool, so that's why we are all attached to each other.

Comic relief to take our minds off the leaving. Sam is taking a nice dump. Time to potty train.

Joel and Aron were in the truck that's pulling the Troop trailer. I was stoic so I would not cry then make him cry. I told him we need to see other people for a week.

P.S. My stepdad doesn't have any children of his own, but he treats me and my family like his own. He doesn't talk much and doesn't show his feelings, but he shows his love by helping out and doing things for us. He took care of our house and yard while we were gone, for instance. We love you, Papa Dave!

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Kids Can't Play In Fountains at Crown Center

There's a place in my town (my town is HUGE, by the way) called Crown Center. The area contains an office building (where I used to work and almost got my soul sucked out of my body working as an assistant in public relations), an ice skating rink, high-end restaurants, a hotel, Hallmark Cards (yes, THE Hallmark cards!), the new SeaLife Aquarium, LegoLand Discovery Center and shops and what else have I forgotten? It's got a crapload of cool stuff.

It also has cool fountains. Fountains kids can't play in anymore. Great decision to be making since it's HOT and SUMMER and all that. You'd think I'd be a jerk about it and fight it and all that, right? Not this time.

Check out this piece that changed my mind called Behavior By a Few Ruined Crown Center Fountain For All.

Here's the comment I left:
"I agree with all this, and I have 5 kids who love the fountain. But they need to fence it off or something, dummies! Of course the kids will run in it. If they fenced it off then they would not need to waste money on a security guard/baby bouncer!"

Some are calling this decision racist since lots of black kids come there to play. I get that they are afraid of people suing ... hell, I cringe when my kids play there because all I see is an ER visit with cracked skulls.

The thing that bugs me is that now a security guard will chase off your kids. This is fine for those who know about the decision. But what about those who don't know and show up  for a day of fun like always and then are chased off? They need to fence it off and put up huge signs or something.

Don't your kids play in lakes and rivers? Don't animals and people pee and poop in those? How is that any LESS disgusting than a poopie diaper coming off in a fountain? Is the water recycled, so the poop goes down a drain and then comes back out?

As usual, people, school me on all this. Then enjoy some nice photos from our last trip to the fountain area this past spring on the same day we went to the SeaLife Aquarium.

This is the building where I used to work when I dreamed every day of becoming a stay-at-home mom and writer. Back then they would not let assistants become PR staff ... like it was the 1960s or something. Very strange.

Looks like fun, huh? NO MORE WATER FOR YOU, kids! HAHAHAHA! I got 10 bucks that says the guy who made this decision doesn't have kids.

I'm so cool I live in the town where Hallmark Cards is.

A neato restaurant in the Crown Center Complex in Kansas City, MO.

More fountain fun. Now picture this with like a zillion kids and you will see that it can become a crazy nutso place.

A view of the shops and the hotel with my 5 precious ones having some fun.

Friday, June 15, 2012

No Joke: LAST Wyoming Travel Post; Hays, Kansas (Day 35)

FREAKING FINALLY, you are probably thinking, right?! Yeah, I know it's Friday and I'm posting about the events of SUNDAY, but you can talk to my lawyer about that one when you sue me for bad blogging practices. Here are the pics, peeps.

This isn't from our last day but I had to share it because Aron was so proud of taking it a few weeks ago. Yes, I am peeing, and yes, married people take blackmail shots of their spouse. Can't blackmail me NOW, can ya, Aron?!

Back to our regularly scheduled program. This is Callie and Michael sleeping so peacefully in the living room at the hotel on our last day of travel.

This is Eva and Joel. I mean, come on, how many more years are we going to be able to cram them all together? Of course I pray they will always be best buddies, but you know how life goes sometimes so I'm enjoying this time when they are all getting along well enough to crash together.

And Mr. Sam, who is the Bed Buddy to me and Aron.

Breakfast at the hotel. Embassy Suites has amazing food! We joked that it was like a school cafeteria finding someplace to sit. I asked if I could sit at their cool table, but just like in the 1970s and 80s, it was not meant to be. 

Here is Eva petting one of FOUR kittens that my BIL and SIL got for their 4 kids. Cool parents, huh? We are in Hays, Kansas here (windy!), where they are building their new home. I took lots of pics but choose not to post because I don't like to post pics of other people's kids on the blog without their permission (fyi: I've been blogging for 4 years and have never once had a problem). Let's just say my niece and nephews are perfection and leave it at that :-)

This is the view from their back porch ... notice the wide open spaces.

I hope my SIL doesn't mind me posting a pic of her kitchen, but I love it. It has two huge pantries, new appliances, an island, anything you could want for cooking.

Oops, there's my nephew in there, but pretend like you don't see him and certainly do not go stalk him. I wanted to show that Aron and his twin were working on getting some front steps poured while we were there. Aron would love to go out and help for a week, but thankfully he still has a job.

On the way home a huge storm was a'brewin'. My dad kept me updated via phone. He's my weatherman since he has a cool iPhone. He was worried we would get carried away in a tornado like on Wizard of Oz, but we bypassed all the rain. Just kidding about my dad, by the way. Remember I'm an only child and they DO worry about me a lot, but I don't mind .

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Feeding Kids Pork Rinds & Twinkies (Day 34 of Travel)

Saturday meant it was time to leave the ranch for good.

All the kids were sad to leave the kittens behind. Callie cried about having to leave in general. I was also sad.

Daddy thought it would be good to get some "real travel food" ... pork rinds and Twinkies. Later he spent lots of time on toilets. Wonder why? I do like chocolate as a road food, and Twizzlers, too, but try to keep it to fruit and granola bars and trail mix and juice. I was surprised when he picked up those little gems because he's usually the more responsible parent :-)

At a WINDY rest stop in Wyoming. We all just about blew away and had to do a kid count before we left.

Aron got a little nappie while I drove. Notice he's holding a pink doggie. It's his luvvie when I'm not available.

A huge fire as we got into Loveland, Colorado.

Finally at Embassy Suites in Loveland, Colorado! Ah, luxury! Those comforters are made of real gold.

This is the living area of our suite, thank you very much. We switched things up and Callie/Michael slept in this room on the sofabed together while Joel/Eva slept in the double bed in our room.

This is Sammy sipping a lovely Mountain Dew.

In the lobby-ish area they had Happy Feet 2 going during cocktail hour so the kiddies could be occupied while the parents used their FOUR DRINK TICKETS EACH. Holy schnockered! Then they gave out free cookies. The hotel was packed due to a vintage car show (love those vintage station wagons and convertibles) and a dental convention. You could tell who was there for which.

Huge hotel. Very nice.

Sam's drink ticket ...  haha!
After cocktail hour we went for some tacos at Taco John's then went back to swim. It was a gorgeous, windy night. Due to the way my weight is shifting, I think I can pass for pregnant rather than just a bit overweight in my swimsuit, so life is good.

If you missed any installments of the Real World: Wyoming series, head to the right-hand side of this here blog, look for Categories, then click on Wyoming. And if you aren't following The Kerrie Show on Facebook, you are missing out on some cool stuff every now and then and more naughty content!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Our Last Day in Wyoming :-( Utah's Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City

Friday (Day 33 of being away from home) found us once again at Utah's Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City. We were only there about 3 hours but it was totally worth it. Aron was going to be in SLC later to return his rental car because, frankly, they told him they needed it back and he could not have it INDEFINITELY. We also could not stay at the ranch INDEFINITELY. I love that word.

Right out of the gate we had to get ice cream cones since we missed the cut-off last time. It was hot hot hot today.

Then over to the new area with the sea lion and polar bear and river otters. Eva wants a river otter "for my birthday." She always says "for my birthday" when I tell her no to something at first.

We also didn't ride the carousel last time. This is all 5 of my kids watching the carousel longingly, but I wasn't paying 10 more bones for another ride when they are FREE with our membership at The Kansas City Zoo! I'm thinking when we get home I could put them all on the carousel and then sit on a bench and read a book while they ride til they puke.

Then we found a nice shady spot to play ... they didn't want to leave this spot. A wooded spot with rocks. Huh. Go figure. They are at the ZOO and they just want to play HERE. Yes, it is time to move to the country.

How gorgeous is that? 

After 6 we had to tear ourselves away from the zoo to venture downtown the back way to try to find Aron at the car rental place. We pulled up to find him ... on the phone with work, of course, with another "emergency." I get it, though. I mean, we are dealing with natural gas here, folks, and the whole thing could blow sky high at any time. Did I mention my man needs a huge bonus for this job? If his boss is reading this, may I please remind him about LASAGNAS and COOKIES that will come his way if he treats my man right?

But I digress, as usual. Once we hoisted Aron into the van we made our way "up the mountain" back to "home" = Evanston, Wyoming. You spend 5 weeks in a place and it becomes your home, you know? If any of you out there are relocating or moving away, let me tell you about about the month mark it starts to get a teensy bit easier to be away from your old home and to settle into your new home. We hit the Subway then went "home" to finish packing and so I could watch Aron clean like a crack you-know-what (this is a family blog, people, and I don't say here what I say on Facebook!!!!).

If you missed any installments of the Real World: Wyoming series, head to the right-hand side of this here blog, look for Categories, then click on Wyoming. And if you aren't following The Kerrie Show on Facebook, you are missing out on some cool stuff every now and then and more naughty content!


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