Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summer Homeschooling?

Here's a question from The Kerrie Show mailbag: Do you take a summer-long break from homeschooling?

My answer: HELL NO! Do you think I want them to forget everything they've been taught? If I wanted that, I'd send them to regular school, where it has been reported (I'm too lazy to get you stats) that the first few WEEKS, at least, are spent reviewing the previous year. No, thank you! I don't have time like that to waste, people! So we do LIGHT SCHOOL all year.

Will it kill them to spend 15 minutes a day on math in the summer before they go to the pool? Possibly, but I'm mean and we're doing it anyway. I count reading for fun as "school" ... and I read them science stuff and history whenever. We go on plenty of outings, including our area's Passport to Adventure, which sends us to like 16 educational locations to have fun.

And believe me, they get puh-lenty of social opps during the summer, as does Mommy.

This format allows us to take breaks when we need to, like when I pop out a new baby (which, really,  it's EASIER to homeschool with a QUIET nursing baby on my lap all day long, you know!) or to slow down a little like when we travel with Daddy to Wyoming. Which, believe me, Wyoming is a learning experience for sure!

Please direct mailbag questions to or post in the Comments section of any old post. If you ask it, I will answer it. I disallowed Anonymous comments, so the blog is a little less fun lately, but a lot more peaceful. So if you want to know something really personal, you will have to divulge your identity.


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