Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Trash Disposal Changes in Overland Park

We have some changes to our trash service coming up in 2012, and some people are freaking out. Pretty soon we can only put out so much trash each week. Otherwise, we'll have a limited number of stickers to use so we can put out a little bit extra each year. Our trash service won't take ANY yard waste anymore.

I say it's about damn time! And bring it on! My mom has been preaching recycling to me since I was peeing in my pants. (and after delivering 5 kids naturally, I sometimes still do that)

It's not hard to recycle, folks. You would think my family of 7 would make TONS of trash. Nope. We recycle half of what we use. We used cloth diapers and breastfed for 10 years, drastically cutting our consumption of trash (think of the diapers used by the Duggars!). Even now that I'm mostly on disposable diapers, we don't make much more trash than before. Oh, and we compost our leaves in our garden. I realize not everyone can do that, and that's where the extra stickers come in.

The times I make more trash are, say, after a birthday party or after Christmas. Or after I do a huge purge of the house and find too much stuff that I can't donate or give to friends.

What's trash pickup like where you live? Are you way ahead of us here in a shee-shee area of Kansas?
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