Thursday, September 1, 2011

Save Money: Try Natural Cures First!

Men, this post is NOT for you. In fact, my husband can just hit DELETE on his email right now because he subscribes that way and I just want him to know I will be talking about the female hoo-ha. Not that there is a male hoo-ha.

Is he gone?

Okay, ladies, let me just tell you that I got a yeast infection recently. Probably from too much swimming pool time sitting in a wet swimsuit. I'm sure you've all been there. Well, we were low on cash and I HATE spending all that money on Monistat. I mean, I spend like $10 at least and it's still the 7-day cure.

So I hit the Internet.

I found a great resource at Disabled World. Yes, I know it's funny, and there are so many jokes you can make about me being disabled mentally, yadda yadda. Let's move on.

I tried soaking in the vinegar bath, but what mom has time for that crap? Despite the warning, I dove in and applied the apple cider vinegar topically with a cotton ball several times a day for about a week and it WORKED. It didn't burn too bad, not like my wallet would have burned, ya catch my drift?

My point is that in trying to save money I am also using more natural stuff. Tomatoes from our garden for a sauce instead of running to the store. There are so many great natural things out there ... instead of send you on an Internet wild goose chase, I'm pointing all of us toward a book link on Amazon. I think every house needs a natural cures Bible!


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