Saturday, July 23, 2011

Conquering Homeschool Clutter

I am on a major paper recycling kick lately. I love dumping boxes of crap from my house into the recycle bin at church and knowing they are getting a little bit of money from my stuff while I empty my house of junk that is serving no purpose and never will. Here are some ways I do this:

  1. When well-meaning people give us homeschool things, I go through them immediately. I figure out what I might use and get rid of the rest (recycle, give to a friend, donate). Then I go through again about a week later to see if I've even thought about or touched the "keep stack" ... if not, I get rid of some more.
  2. You will drive yourself nuts trying to save every bit of paper your precious child has ever touched. I am a big baby and want to keep everything my kids ever drew or wrote on, but I know I never look at it and also that they won't want it all in the future. For now, I keep select pieces in the basement in a box and go through it regularly. Basic coloring pictures end up getting recycled a lot through the years, but original drawings and early handwriting attempts will be kept for more years!
  3. Along those lines, I had to start getting rid of workbooks. I started tearing out about 2 select pages that showcased my kid's handwriting or superior intelligence (!) and make sure the pages have a date and kid's name and put them in the basement keep box.
  4. I realized I don't have to put money out on things like math manipulatives when I have M&Ms, beans, beads and so on. This saves loads of space.
How do you tame the homeschool clutter monster? And if you don't homeschool, how do you tame the paper monster?

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    1. Love the workbook idea-I never thought not to keep the whole thing!


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