Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Goodbye, Fair Treadmill

I sold my treadmill last month using the wonderfully amazing Craiglist. We’d (me and the treadmill) been pals since 1997 when I saw it, had to have it, and put it on my Sears credit card. It was a few hundred bucks and took me forever to pay off, but I worked my butt off on it. It was tall and built.

I’ll miss it because it represents my single days. Those days when I could walk for an hour straight on it while watching
Melrose Place
and 90210 on tape. When I could walk on it early in the morning without worrying about waking anyone up or being interrupted.

I sold it because we need the room in the family room for a loveseat because we have lots of butts to seat. I sold it because it was just sitting there gathering dust. Because I’m rarely home alone to use it. Because when I use it and the kids are home, they want to get on with me. Sam cries and wants me to hold him when I’m on it. I don’t want to put it in the basement and use it … I get creeped out. I kept making excuses NOT to use it, so it was time for it to go before I became a Hoarder.

And the extra money was nice, too. Know anywhere I can get a used loveseat for less than $50? I’m not too picky; that’s what slipcovers are for.
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