Monday, December 27, 2010

Child Support Payments

Here's one for ya ...

A man and woman divorce.

The man has the kid half the time.

The woman has the kid half the time.

Why does the woman receive a child support check?

I'm not so smart about issues such as these and plan to never find out firsthand, so please enlighten me, oh readers.


  1. Not that I have any experience with it or anything, but I think it's because society in general tends to favor the mother when it comes to children and divorce. It's the whole maternal thing--the woman birthed the kids, therefore she gets them, or, in this case, gets the money. Although in a lot of cases, that's not always the best choice...

  2. I think this used to be the case more, but the courts are starting to be more open to the dads as equals. Nothing gets under my skin more than when I hear other wives complain about their husbands child support payments. That is their child and they are worth every penny.

  3. It is my understanding if each parent has kids 50% of the time then no child support is paid. But if I am wrong I could see a need for child support to help supplement costs of insurance, school, acctviites, braces, etc.

    Cousin Karen - too lazy to log into google acct :)


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