Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Where's Kerrie?

Here I am at the library to update ya'll.  I've been working on some assignments for regional parenting magazines, which I love. But of course then I'm also torn about that work of mothering and gearing up for homeschooling to start with THREE kids this year! I always vow to be more organized and then I fail and then they end up still being pretty smart by the end of the school year anyway ... somehow, some way. My scrapbooking projects are still staring me in the face, but I feel like I'm being called more to work on Sam's birth story about meconium aspiration for someplace like Mothering or some other nice, crunchy magazine. I have lots of essays in me, but keep getting these incredibly cute and sweet interruptions like hugs and hair-brushings and requests for blump-blump (chocolate milk; Eva) and questions about when we're heading to the pool and so on. I love the wife and mom gig!

How are you all doing?  Leave me a comment so I know you're still out there!

"Zee librarie vill be closink in five meenits ..."


  1. I am totally going to refer to my milk as blump blump now. Is that just for chocolate milk or is it a dairy free-for-all?

    Good to "see" you back! :)

  2. If you need quotes for your meconium story, we went through the same thing. Almost died, eight days in neo-natal, the whole schibang.

  3. that is just for chocolate milk, lucy. and a blanket is a blimply.


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