Friday, July 9, 2010

Kids in Hooters Shirts

It’s the last day of elementary school. I see a girl walking home with a Hooters T-shirt on. Do you think this is inappropriate?

I mean, there were no boobs on it, but it’s the IDEA of Hooters, don’t you think?

If she can wear a shirt with Hooters on it, why can’t a boy wear a shirt that simply says, “Playboy” or “Hustler” or “Porn Rules”? They aren’t showing boobs, just words.

I don't wanna incense ya'll, just make you think, that's all.  Have fun with that.


  1. Last day of school?? Sounds like they wore it because they knew they could get away with just because it was the last day of school.

  2. all orange and just the word Hooters? They do have food and it's pretty good. I guess it's all in the way you look at it.

    As long as there wasn't a girl with her hooters sticking out or pic with a girl adn those dang shorts they wear. I actually don't see anything wrong with just the words. Just kinda made me hungry


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