Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer Blogging Break

I'm taking June off!  Here's why I'm taking a self-imposed break:
  1. The pool beckons.
  2. I want to focus on watching my kids play instead of just managing their arguments.
  3. I need to market my ebook second edition.
  4. I want to query to large parenting magazines.
  5. I have zero internet connection at home anymore .... I can't even "borrow" it from anyone, so I have to pack 5 kids up and head to McDonald's, Eva's or my Mom's house.  They are all good sports about it (especially Ronald ... thanks, buddy!), but it's wearing me down.
  6. I need to teach Joel long division and Callie to read ... not because I think they SHOULD do those things right now, but because they are READY and WANT TO.
  7. Michael needs lots of listening to.
  8. Eva needs to be watched like a hawk because she's a slippery little devil.
  9. Sam will only be this small for so long, and I need to enjoy him.
  10. My friends have been neglected.
  11. My husband and I could use some more dates.
  12. I need to paint Callie's room so she has her own bedroom finally.
  13. Aron and I are going to be Boy Scouts (Webelos, actually) den leaders again and it's a lot of work.
  14. The homeschool co-op starts in June!
  15. I'll be doing some babysitting during the summer. 
Enjoy the reruns or head to Lazy Sugar Mama!  I'll be twatting when I can via Twitter, which links to my Facebook profile, so you can stay updated that way!


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