Saturday, May 8, 2010

Garage Sales in Kansas City

Why do I insist on subjecting myself to the torture that is having a garage sale?  Recently I realized I had too much junk in my house even after giving bags of junk away every month (I like to give until it hurts, really).  So I decided to try to sell some of it.  After hanging out for hours in my garage and on the sidewalk watching my kids play, I made a whopping $18!  Hey, it's better than nothing!  About 1:00 on Saturday I decided I'd had enough and packed up the rest of the stuff in bags and took them to the thrift store.  I feel so much lighter.  Well, my house does, anyway.  If only it were that simple to shed pounds on my BODY.


  1. You overpriced your stuff and opened on the wrong day. I just had a joint one with my friend and opened Thurs - Sat. (it rained on Friday so we didn't sell much) We made $1600. We got rid of all our baby stuff and put all our clothes in $1 bins. People rummage like crazy. I bet we sold $400 in dollar peices alone.

  2. Whooo, glad you made something! Garage sales are fun to look at but I wouldn't want to do all that work and "socializing." :)

  3. how can you say i overpriced my stuff when my clothes were 50 cents each and yours were double that? i didn't make any money b/c i hardly had anything to sell. when i am done having kids and can sell my high chair, walker, bouncy seat, and ALL clothes, i'll be rolling in the money. but the possibility of another kid is up in the air. as for opening, i have to open when i can! we are way too busy the rest of the time to have a 3-day garage sale!

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