Monday, April 19, 2010

Boys and Guns

So do you let your boys play with guns? My husband's parents had FOUR boys and didn't want them to have any toy guns. What do you think they did? Of course ... they made guns out of Legos, sticks, anything they could get their grimy little hands on.

People who don't know me well yet come to my house and are shocked that I let my boys play with water guns and toy guns and rubber band guns. Not sure why.

We try to drill it into their heads things like don't point guns (even toy guns) at heads, etc. Aron tells them a story about a guy he knew who THOUGHT he had an unloaded gun in his hand and was screwing around with it and shot it at a friend's head, trying to be cute or something. Well, the gun went off and shot a hole in the wall, thankfully BEHIND the other guy's head.

I guess guns are another one of those things like drinking and sex. Meaning, you tell your kids don't drink and don't have sex, but then do you also say, "It's okay as long as you drink at our house" or "Here are some condoms just in case"???


  1. I grew up where every kid (boy and girl) takes gun safety and shoots/owns their first shotgun by age 12, lifetime KS hunting license for 8th grade graduations for all the boys. My husband grew up where guns are used to shoot people and rob places. We're trying to come to a compromise. I'm pretty sure hunting with grandpa will be coming up for Kenny soon. The best gun story ever though is when Kenny and Isaiah got these obnoxiously loud space cadet guns for Christmas one year. They were having fun and decided to tease Will. They were on a mission to shoot my ti ti's and destroy them. Imagine Will diving and screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO trying to save the lovely tata's. I think he was 3. And yes, this story is why you love me and my weird family!!!

  2. Guns are just so counter-culture here that I've never seen a child playing with a toy gun...EVER...boy or girl...I know my brother had a bb gun when he was older and I "think" he had a toy cowboy gun at some point but he's 40. His son never had one to play with...I have all girls...guns are for hunting animals and I think here, in the rural areas where people do that, the boys start with "real" rifles at an older age. So I guess the answer is no but I only have girls. So do girls who are exposed to the gun culture build them out of legos too? I've never seen that done.

  3. I can remember being drawn to the shiny toy six-shooter capgun that my best friend's brother toted around when we were kids, but I think that's because it was blingy and not because it was a weapon. This was the same kids that their parents wouldn't allow them to watch Popeye cartoons in the morning, because they were afraid it would make the boy have violent tendencies. They were also banned from fast food and soda with caffeine. When they infrequently spend the day at my house, they would be giddy in anticipation of getting to go to McDonalds and drink Coke, cause their mom wasn't watching. My mom let them too. Ha!

    I'm not a fan of toy guns for my own child. I just didn't buy them for him, with the exception of the nerf dart variety. I didn't forbid it though. He didn't have a boy obsession with guns. I don't remember faux guns, but he did use whatever materials he could find to make a functional bow/arrow after he first did archery at scout camp. Scouts has provided him with a gun fix. They do gun safety training every winter, followed by a shotgun shoot campout. The older boys get to do pistol shooting as well. Just don't bring it home, and I'm good.


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