Saturday, March 20, 2010

Kerrie's Choice: Scrapbooking

Jeez, you’d think my digital photos were alive the way I struggle with which ones to NOT print out for scrapbooking purposes. And I even have time distance on my side (I’m going through ones on the computer from 2007)… which should make it EASIER to weed them out. But it’s still hard, and so similar to the movie Sophie’s Choice.

I have to say to myself, “Is this one good enough to pay 10 cents to print it out and then spend the time to crop it and paste it on a page and journal about it?”

Usually my answer is, “YES YES YES! These are my babies from back when I only had 3 babies and was pregnant with my 4th. EVERY picture from EVERY day is special, darnit.” To give you an example of my problem, I have 806 photos to print from just 5 months of 2007. Yikes. There’s a 12-step program for everything else, so where’s mine for my photo/sentimental problem?

You hard-hearted women who can print out like 50 pictures of 2 kids for a whole YEAR baffle me. I picture myself in 30 years with a box of Kleenex, a huge Dr. Pepper and TONS of scrapbooks (at this rate I’ll need an entire chilled room for my scrapbooks, like a photo wine cellar) reveling in my past.

One of my biggest fears: my computer crashing before I can get an external hard drive filled with pictures and placed safely in a fireproof box.

How do you organize your photos? Or have you just given up? Or do you at least PRINT your digitals and then just let them sit in a box?

To any New Agers who read this blog: Lately I’m getting better at LIVING the moments instead of taking pictures of them, but my memory is getting worse and that’s why I treasure photos as memory triggers.


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