Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How to Deal With Your Friend’s Husband/Kids

Inevitably, you won’t always like the whole package that is Your Friend, Her Husband and Her Kids.

So you love your friend to pieces. That is a given. You would do anything for her.

But what if her kids are jerks? Like they’re just plain mean or else they’re wimps? What if your kids are jerks and your friend isn’t sure how to deal with them?

And what if her husband is a tool? Like he’s rude to her in front of you or works all the time or smells like body odor or is a feminine whiner? Or maybe she doesn’t come around as much anymore because YOUR husband is the tool!

I just smile and act as politely as I can. Except for if you get me in the wrong mood (so easy to do with Geminis); then I may try to rile the guy up just for fun. Or teach my friend’s kids something, like how to make their own !@#$ sandwich at the age of 12.

I liked when Tresa came over and taught my kids how to clean the bathroom. It was a subtle message to me that took about a year to come to fruition, but now I have bathroom cleaning instructions posted in the bathroom (Ellen says I have to get them laminated, though, and she’s always right), and they WILL be cleaning that bathroom themselves weekly (versus the way I clean it …. um … every other month when we have a birthday party).

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  1. So now all your friends are going to be wondering if you think their kids are whiners or mean or if their husbands are a tool............


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