Friday, March 19, 2010

Driving With Dogs on Laps

Let me get this straight.

It's bad for us to drive and talk on the phone.

Or drive and text.

Or drive and put on makeup.

But people drive with their freaking DOG on their lap all the time. I see people driving with dogs in laps and the dog really looks like it's in the way.

I remember a few times when I drove a cat (not in a carrier) to the vet. The cat would crawl on my lap, on my shoulders, under my feet. The darn thing would interfere with my braking and accelerating abilities.

And what about the safety of the animal riding loose in a vehicle? We have to strap our kids in like crazy, but not our pets?


  1. Oops. I've done that a few times. I suppose it would be harder to turn the steering wheel if you had a much bigger dog in your lap.

  2. It's a distraction just like if you are drinking or eating something and you spill it or drop it, then you reach over for it and turn the wheel not realizing it.
    I knew an elderly lady that had some kind of hyper little rat dog that thought it was cute to have the dog in the car with her running all over and sitting by her shoulder. Now it that isn't a distraction I don't know what is. And when she had an accident she couldn't understand why the officer didn't baby her but paid more attention to the truck that had the driver with small children in it. But then I'm not a pet person. Been there, done that, don't need them to tie me down.

  3. I totally, 100% agree with you on this one.


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