Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halloween Costumes

I can't believe Halloween is so close! We love Halloween around here ... to me, it's like a sport ... I'm like the Halloween Drill Sargent. "Kids, here's our plan of attack. We're going to hit these houses, then these houses. And FAST. The faster you walk, the more candy you get."

Time for me to head to the basement to see if the kids' old costumes still fit! Or head to my friend Ellen's to dig in her endless costume stash. I have seen some crazy costumes in my day ... what's the weirdest or best one you've seen?

Speaking of Ellen, a couple of years ago she and her husband wore card costumes to our church trunk or treat ... one of them had the number 6 on and the other had the number 9. Aren't they naughty?

Do you dress up? What as? How about your kids?


  1. Bill & Andrew are going to be Star Wars Storm Troopers this year, I'll likely be Leia. Abriana has decided she's too old to dress up anymore...and so the teen drama begins...

  2. Remind me to tell you the story about when my friend Stacy and I went to Texas over 4th of July weekend and played Bingo in a Bingo hall for money. It was the most stressful hour and a half of my LIFE!!

    Kids are going to be what they will be...have a few costumes to choose from, but I suspect they will wear the really intricate (expensive, when purchased new, I know) lion and dog costmes we picked up at Goodwill (that I paid$2.50 each for, MWAhahahahahahaaaa!).


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