Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tattoo Artistry

I’m such a puss I’d rather give birth than get a tattoo. They have “sedation dentistry” … I wonder if they will someday have “sedation tattoo-itry.”

A lot of chicks get the classic butterfly tattoo when they are young (I’m not naming names here!). I think it symbolizes that fact that nobody can hold them down. They are free, man. And stuff like that. A few women I’ve seen with tats recently have told me they regretted getting it, but I think it’s pretty bad-ass.

My tattoo would be across my back. It would be a va-jay-jay with the names of my kids flying out of it. Too vulgar?

Or maybe instead a picture of me nursing a baby on one side and using a laptop on the other side with the names of my kids coming out of the laptop?

Another thing about tattoos … do these young ladies who get huge tattoos across their hip or stomach realize what that’s going to look like if they get pregnant or fat or old?

I love when Kat Von D of LA Ink says, “It’s not rocket surgery.”