Monday, July 13, 2009

More Tresa Worship

Tresa called me on a Sunday night to see if she could come over sometime to teach my kids ways to help around the house. She even offered to make them a chore chart and make instructions for each task, both things I’ve never been organized enough to get to. My good intentions always fell by the wayside.

She presented it not like “you’re a horrible mom and housekeeper” but more like “your husband wants a clean house; you want to write and be a mom … so if your kids are more independent and help out, you can have it all.”

I said, “The only free day we have for like 2 weeks is tomorrow.”

She said, “Okay. Call it a new-baby gift.”

Oh, how I love the creative new-baby gifts … they get better and better the more kids I have. For Eva’s new-baby gift, Ellen refinished 2 of my kitchen chairs!

I could be all pissed off and offended that my friends notice the faults in my house and organization or I can be happy that God sends me help in the form of such friends.

I once knew someone who dropped a friend because the friend brought her over a broom. The broom was brought over because the first woman was pregnant and griping about her husband always taking her broom to work. But instead of saying THANK YOU, this person got mad and assumed her friend was judging her housekeeping.

It’s sometimes hard for me to accept help. I like to think I have it all under control. But nobody has it all under control.

I’m excited to know that someday I will be the one offering the help to mothers, and I hope they accept it instead of taking offense!

So to everyone who helps me out … by babysitting (Mom and Dad), doing my dishes while I’m holding a sleeping baby, bringing me coffee or lunch (Jill and Tresa), listening, reading and commenting on my blog (Julie and my great cousins-in-law and my Bloggy Friends), pricing all my garage sale junk I pass your way (Ellen), bringing over fries for all of our kids to share (Eva) … THANK YOU. I appreciate you all.

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  1. LOL How awful on friendships getting busted on a broom. I don't think witches really ride them except on tv.

    My parents lived next to a senile old man once who thought my mom was working for the KGB because his trunk kept popping open. Well, there's this BUTTON they're pushing in the car that pops the trunk open?

    Anyway. The guy got all mad, took his broom and broke the windows on my parents' house. Cops called. "Broom handle Al" tells the cops, just gimme your gun and I'll finish the job.

    THEY LET HIM GO the next day after an "evaluation." Anyway finally he got to the point where his son made him go to the home. Someone bought that broom for my dad at an estate sale as a joke.

    Bwa! They still have it somewhere...


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