Sunday, May 3, 2009

Church of Lazlo

I decided to wake my family up with a little music … a little heavy metal ditty called “Bang Your Head” by Twisted Sister. I’m not sure God would approve, but it put me in a good mood. And reinforced to my kids that I’m just a tiny bit crazy, which is always good for your kids to know so they’ll behave.

Eva’s sitting next to me putting pieces of granola bar into an envelope she found while tornado-ing through my desk drawer. Wonder who she’s gonna mail it to. For the next [fill in the blank] years, I have made my desk drawer a junk drawer for babies and toddlers to rifle through. Like a mini toy box, if you will.

A friend of mine once met a new neighbor and the neighbor asked her what church she goes to. My friend replies, “The Church of Lazlo.” That made me practically pee my pants. Why? Because it’s the name of an alternative radio show in Kansas City. I may be Catholic, but I like to mess with religious people for some reason. We take ourselves WAY too seriously!


  1. Sounds like a good way to start the morning :D I wonder if a little heavy metal would get my kids moving a little faster :D

  2. Indeed we all take ourselves too seriously in church. My hubby is such a kidder and I know some people don't "get" him but I do. Happiest childhood memory is my Gramma's bottom drawer in the kitchen full of wonderful kitchen tools to play with.

    The Raggedy Girl

  3. Humans, in general, seem to take themselves too seriously most of the time. We could learn a lot by connecting more often with the plants, animals, rocks, clouds and sun. "Being" (without expectations), instead of always "doing," is really why were are here.

    Oh, and I don't like being an 80s Hair Band buzz-kill, but "Bang Your Head" is a song by Quiet Riot, not Twisted Sister. And that's your News and Worthless Information for the day, sponsored by MTV's Headbangers Ball.

  4. My dad used to wake us up with March OF The Bees. It was funny and annoying.

  5. dang it, paul, you must think i'm a total music moron b/c i'm always getting the artist wrong! i never used to do that before kids, i swear!


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