Sunday, April 12, 2009

No Laptop = Clean House Experiment

So Aron and I had a big fight and he isn’t bringing home his laptop for me anymore, which means I have ZERO Internet access at home. He thinks this will equal a nice, organized, clean house and a less-stressed me because he thinks trying to fulfill my writing dream is stressing me out. Never mind that I don’t have Internet AT ALL during the week and house is STILL a wreck and I’m always behind on homeschooling.

And if the digital camera hadn’t broken, I could take a picture of how I’ve turned into a Stepford Wife and organized my bathroom closet with a plastered-on smile while Eva tried to destroy my work at the same time. The fitted sheets are even stacked with the top sheets … it’s disgusting. My friends wouldn’t recognize it!

So I’m back to posting from the library and from friend’s houses and from my mom’s every other week. Right now I’m posting after my first haircut in about 7 years where I didn’t chop it off and give it to Locks of Love (did that 3 times) … I got layers!, then snuck to the library.

And no, I’m not griping about the whole situation, so save your comments. I’m saying I WILL PREVAIL … and maybe even get more done since I’ll be child-less at the library from time to time! Yeah, I know it's all about balance ... marriage, motherhood, the house and my writing dream.

Hoppy Easter!!! I'm huntin' eggs with the kids today at my mom's after church!


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