Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Be a Laid-Back Parent So You Can Get More Done

Yippah … the e-book is finally changed … do you know how hard it is to get something into the right format (.pdf) when your husband is the Keymaster and his laptop is the Key to all things conversion? But I digress. And prevail, just like I said I would.

So if you click on the book cover (or on all the suggestive link words I’m providing), it will take you to the e-store so you can drop 2 whopping bucks and learn how to be Parent of the Year. Then you can promote it on your blog (or even sell it on your blog for a whopping 10-cent commission … I don’t mess around, folks! It’s clearly all about the money for me).

And while I’m pimpin’ (it ain’t easy), here’s how to sign up “under” me at this cool site called Bukisa and start writing informational “articles” … you’d be surprised how much you know about so many things. It’s like the Mary Kay or Amway pyramid “scheme” for writers and mousewives (housewives who use the computer mouse to make money online).

Here’s one of my Bukisa articles about being a laid-back parent so you can get more done. For you writer-types interested in online writing, it's like the e-how article I linked to on Sunday, only a little more in-depth and isn't numbered.


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