Sunday, April 19, 2009

Addictive eHow and E-book Promotion

Even though I should be working on essays and articles that may actually pay me a check, I end up working on eHow articles. Here’s my post trying to promote my e-book. The picture turned out screwy ... Callie looks like Bette Davis from some old movie.

If you watch The Real Housewives of New York City, you’ll know who Bethenney Frankel is … she’s the Food Expert on eHow … and has a ton of articles about making healthy food. Wonder how much SHE makes on eHow. Definitely more than I do … I make about 70 cents per month. I think the key is having people visit your articles and click on advertising. Also, if you can get your article to be the “eHow article of the day”, it gets emailed to ALL eHow members, so your coverage goes up that way (I think?).

I haven’t quite figured out this online writing game. Clue me in if you have any tips or have heard anything about eHow. In the meantime, I’m hoping writing tons of articles for eHow is the key (so search engines find you and more people see your stuff).

I have no problem talking money, so you know I’ll fill you in if I ever make serious cash doing this.


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