Sunday, March 8, 2009

Kerrie’s Lazy Award-Winning Chili Recipe

Yeah, this is another link to one of my eHow “articles”. This one is how to make my Award-Winning Chili. What kind of award, you ask? Something from Food Network or the Chili Society of America?

Nah. After 11 years I finally got to enter Aron’s company’s chili cook-off. I got tired of hearing about how extremely hot and ulcer-creating everyone’s chili was … like almost too hot to even eat!

My chili has always been pretty mild (you can add onions and hot sauce to taste later, but I don’t need my kids sweating while they eat dinner and blowing their pants off in the middle of the night).

Somehow I got 7th place out of 15 in the category of Unique … huh? I shoulda been like last place on that one. But I also got 3rd place for Flavor! Yippah! Aron made this awesome chili with ground chuck that was middle-of-the-road on all the award categories, which I don’t get. I think the contest was fixed and that payoffs were involved.

So here’s the link (just click on the pink word – for you blogtards).


  1. Mmmmmm, chili! I'll have to see if I can't convince my mom to help me make some. It sounds awesome.

    My dad hardly ever makes chili. Probably because he's Mr. Fancy Chef Man and it takes three days (3!!!) to make it.

  2. Did you just make up a new word? Blogtard?

    And is it offensive or endearing?

    I'm off to think about in how many parts of speech it can be used.

  3. Cute post. I will try your award winning chili.

    Have a wonderful Sunday
    from Roberta Anne

  4. I am a sucker for a good cooking contest!

  5. why does it surprise you that you got 7th in the "unique" category?? LOL


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