Saturday, February 28, 2009

Do You Tell Your Kids About Your Past?

My Stupidest New Year's Eve by Kerrie

So for New Year’s Eve 1997 Aron and I apparently had nobody better to go out with that night than this lame-o aspiring goody two-shoes chick (who slept around and had a couple of kids already and was psycho to boot) and her latest boyfriend.

Aron and I are pretty much pyromaniacs and had a brick of firecrackers in my car. As I drove around the corner from Broadway to Westport Road (which was packed with people), Aron lit the brick and threw it out the window. It was after midnight, so we figured fireworks were fair game.

Think again.

Some cops thought we were SHOOTING at the crowd and ran in front of my car to stop me from driving any further. Did I mention they had guns pointed at my FACE?

They’re yelling at me to put my hands up and get out of the car, so I hit the gas and got the hell outta there.

Just kidding! I put my hands up and got out of the car. Aron and I have our hands on the roof of my car and are facing each other, talking with our eyes. We were saying, “We are so going to jail. I can’t believe we are so moronic!”

Me, being the fast talker, explained things and apologized PROFUSELY to the cops and promised never to do such a thing again.

I hope I’ve already told my dad this story. If not, I am in for a major grounding! As long as he doesn’t make me pick up sticks in his yard …


  1. Oh my gosh! I would have died getting frisked! Hahaha!

  2. Wow. You guys are hard core.

    I'm telling Travis this story, he'll die laughing.

    Your au trois points just went up by a thousand or so with this story.

  3. Oh my girl! YOU IS CRAZY! I am such a scaredy cat, I would have wet myself and just blubbered like a baby! They would have let me go cause I was so pathetic! LOL

    Hey if you get a chance..go to my "A Bushel 'N A Peck" blog for a really cute video.

  4. oh you're doomed when your kids can drive....payback time

  5. But what really happened is that Kerrie punched the police officer that stuck his head in the window and took his gun. She threw it too me and floored it as the police officer in front of the car rolled over the hood and shattered the wind shield. We then commenced a high speed chase down Main St while I was leaning out the window firing at the police cars that were following us...

    No really I was scared to death that my girlfriend and future wife was going to be shot and that her father was going to go postal on me. And it would have been my fault for throwing the fireworks. Sorry baby I still feel bad about that one.


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